Can we always have perfect hair thanks to Brazilian straightening?

Who among us doesn't dream of having hair that is always smooth and shiny whatever the weather? If your hair is unruly, very curly, or difficult to style, then Brazilian straightening is for you. It appeals to more and more women but also men who want to always be well dressed.

What do we mean by Brazilian smoothing?

This is a technique from Brazil to smooth the hair, nourish it deeply and make blow-drying much easier. It is a keratin-based smoothing that is applied to the hair and is penetrated with a straightening iron. The application is strand by strand and the effect lasts about 6 months. The hair is deeply nourished because the product will have given it back substance. Keratin is indeed one of the main components of hair.

Are all Brazilian straightening products the same?

For a long time, many products of Brazilian smoothing used formalin to fix keratin, but Formalin is a component that can cause damage if not handled with care.Formalin is also believed to be the cause of certain allergies and can lead to cancer if used too often.European standards have put in place strict legislation on the use of formaldehyde by requiring that there be no more than 0.2% in a product.It is therefore advisable to read the labels of Brazilian straightening products carefully before buying them and it is ideal to turn to straightening kits without formalin.Most of these products, however, have a smoothing effect that lasts less time because formalin is the fixing product.

However, today there are completely natural products like Inoar Ghair which do not contain formalin and are just as effective. We talk about a kit because the smoothing system includes three products: a specific shampoo, the smoothing product itself and a mask.

How to practice a Brazilian straightening?

Once you have found the product of your dreams to achieve a beautiful Brazilian straightening, the technique is quite simple. You just need to be patient because it will take between 1h30 and 2h depending on your dexterity and the length of your hair.

Wash your hair with the specific shampoo in your kit, wring it out and dry it with your usual hair dryer, but not completely so that the hair scale remains open to receive the keratin treatment.Apply the product strand by strand using a brush and work it in by massaging your strand from top to bottom, taking care to put on gloves.Once this step is completed, use the straightening iron to penetrate the product completely into the hair fiber.Finally, finish by applying the mask.There are also kits with only two products and they are very practical to maintain the Brazilian straightening between two complete treatments.