Business tips: some tips for recruiting a lawyer

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The legal field is an interesting niche of candidates for companies. It is important to know that companies cannot do without a competent legal department. The latter will deal with the various issues related to a good knowledge of company rights, but also to the application of the laws in force. Thus, the recruitment of a lawyer is essential for the managers of the firms. There is no shortage of applicants on the job market. In fact, universities provide young graduates with promising talents every year. However, hiring a lawyer requires some guidance.

Entrust recruitment to a specialist

The recruitment process for a company can be done in different ways. In the first place, the company in question can constitute its own recruitment service. The department will be responsible for building the profile of the position to be filled (a lawyer in this case), developing a job offer, and choosing the platform in which to publish this job. Recruitment officers will then conduct contact with potential candidates, as well as organize job interviews.

On the other hand, the task of recruiting the company lawyer may be entrusted to a recruitment outsourcing service provider. This professional will take charge the whole procedure from start to finish. It will make available to the company its human and technical resources, but above all its expertise and knowledge the legal recruitment market.

Establish a profile adapted to the position

The position of a lawyer within the company is a key position. This requires the development of a precise and adapted profile during the drafting of the job offer. First of all, to occupy such a position in a company, the possession of a solid experience (approximately 5 years) in the field is required. Then, strong writing and analytical skills are also required of applicants. Needless to say, applicants must have a specialization in the branch they wish to enter. Finally, a level of study such as a Master in Law, to which is added training in a recognized center is very much appreciated for the position of lawyer.  

Suggest a realistic salary range

The question of salary is essential in every recruitment process. It is important to note that while the company holds the reins most of the time throughout the entire process, applicants also have the choice of whether or not to respond to a recruiter solicitation. The decision is based on certain criteria, including compensation. The latter is counted among the most important motivations when entering a position.

In the case of the recruitment of the lawyer within the company, a salary range must be respected to give credibility to the position, but also to encourage the candidacy of real talents whose business leaders need. The following indications can in particular be given:

  • Between € 3,000 and € 6,000 per month for a lawyer in labor law.

  • Between € 4,600 and € 5,300 for a corporate lawyer position.

  • For lawyers who have a specialization in finance and who can apply for the position of financial analyst, the salary is generally between € 2,500 and € 10,000 per month.