Body care: home-made body care recipes to try!

body care

For a treatment adapted to the specific needs of each skin, the trend is currently home-made. We no longer hesitate to get our hands dirty to design and prepare our beauty products ourselves.

The benefits of vegetable oil

Exfoliation of the body or face

woman body careThe preparation of the skin begins with an exfoliation, easy to do yourself with commercial products, with an exfoliating base diluted with an oil. Coarse sea salt mixed with its quantity of sweet almond oil, or brown or cane sugar diluted with argan oil, to be applied delicately to the skin in circular motions to eliminate dead skin. For dry and sensitive skin, a mixture of honey, argan oil, hazelnut or sweet almond, to which we add grated coconut is ideal for gently getting rid of dead cells.

Hydrating care

To adapt your moisturizer to your skin, you can simply add a few drops of vegetable oil or essential oils. To nourish very dry skin, apply sweet almond, argan or hazelnut oil sparingly to the skin after bathing, or shea oil before bathing. To hydrate the whole body, consider coating it with a preparation made with honey and sweet almond oil before rinsing it off.

Nourishing care

On all skin types, apply a nourishing avocado and olive oil mask, avoiding the eye area. For the body, prepare a mixture of honey, apricot kernel oil and borage oil, with liquid cream. For a nourishing treatment for the lips, mix in a double boiler shea butter or beeswax, sweet almond oil, rose water and a drop of lemon essential oil.

100% natural care with miraculous virtues

Among the flagship products of the moment: the aloe vera, à la fois hydratant, apaisant et purifiant. Le miel est aussi très apprécié pour son effet anti-imperfections. Le savon noir, utilisé pour l’exfoliation, gomme les impuretés de la peau en libérant les pores. Le gommage au sucre et à l’eau tiède est idéalement recommandé aux peaux grasses. Pour avoir une peau lisse, douce, satinée et hydratée, Cléopâtre prenait son bain dans du lait d’ânesse avec des pétales de rose. Il suffit de 4 tasses de lait avec 3 gouttes d’huile essentielle de rose dans le bain pour les mêmes vertus. Pour rendre leur éclat aux ongles et aux dents, le soin blanchissant le plus efficace reste le citron. Le mélange œufs, jus d’un citron et miel a des propriétés nourrissantes pour les cheveux ternes et sans éclat.

You should know that these recipes can easily be made at home with natural products found on the market. Moreover, more and more followers of organic cosmetics are opting for this kind of manual activity. they find a certain advantage in creating their own beauty products and treatments. In addition to helping to protect the environment, they create products that respect the skin. Also one of the new mother-daughter hobbies in vogue at the moment, DIY is on the rise and it is therefore not surprising that the trend has spread to cosmetics. In order to make significant savings on the purchase of cosmetic products, we create products that are adapted to our skin and respect the pH of the latter. In short, now is the time to get started for those who were still hesitant!