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Difficult to make a choice for your new Lavalier Microphone? We wrote this Micro Tie Special Buying Guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Lavalier Microphone!

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Lavalier Microphone Buying Guide

If you are looking for a discreet microphone that allows you to record and amplify voices while keeping your hands free, the lapel microphone is ideal for you. This small device makes it possible to obtain quality sounds by being installed using a clip for fixing to the clothes. To benefit from it, you must choose from the wide range of lavalier lavalier microphone available on the market. There is something for all needs and for all means. To find your way around, it is advisable to consider certain purchasing criteria: size, sound quality, battery life, etc. This buying guide will be of great help to you so that you can find the best lavalier microphone tailored to your needs.

What is a lavalier microphone?

The lavalier microphone is a small microphone covered with windshield. This unparalleled discreet tool attaches to clothing and is used to record or amplify a voice while keeping your hands free. Usually, a lavalier model is connected to a transmitter that can be hung discreetly on the back of a pocket, belt or inside a jacket. The micro-lavalière is mainly used in the field of television or show business for interviews, video recordings, shows, etc.

To ensure good quality voice recording using the lavalier microphone, it must be placed at the collar of a garment, whether it is a T-shirt, a sweater , or a shirt. The goal is simply to get as close as possible to the mouth. You should therefore know that the closer the device is to your mouth, the more your recording will be free from any background noise, and other noise pollution and interference.

Who is the lavalier microphone for?

Anyone can use a lavalier microphone, as long as the needs match the technical specifications of the tool. It is dedicated to those who wish to be heard while maintaining freedom of movement in their hands, whether professional or amateur. However, you will notice that the micro-lavalière is especially popular with audiovisual and entertainment professionals.

What are some good reasons to use a lavalier microphone?

There are many great advantages to using a lavalier microphone. It is for its many advantages that you are thinking of buying it. But what are they?


It is clear that the micro-lavalier is a practical device which allows good voice transmission without you having to hold it with your hands. You are thus free to do whatever gestures you like while having the advantage of being able to record and transmit your voice. To do this, all you have to do is secure the small tool with pliers on the collar of your top.

Ease of use

A lavalier microphone model is Easy to use. Just clip it onto your neck, making sure it is facing your mouth. If you opt for a wired model, then remember to hide the cable by sliding it under the garment and you're done.


One of the main strengths of the lavalier microphone is his great discretion. It goes completely unnoticed thanks to its size to avoid clutter. Being able to speak to a large audience without having to carry a microphone in your hand or elsewhere and yet be heard very well remains a real luxury.

Good sound quality

Another real advantage of the lavalier microphone is sound quality that it produces. The product may be small, but it still performs well. It is for this reason that professionals tend to favor this type of microphone.

What are the different types of lavalier microphones?

There are three different kinds of lavalier microphones on the market:

The corded lavalier microphone

A corded lavalier microphone is a model connected with a cable for connection with a camcorder or audio recorder for direct sound transmission. This type of micro lavalier is ideal if you don't need to move around while expressing yourself. It is, for example, perfect for recording a video while sitting in front of your computer and webcam.

You should know that when the wired lavalier microphone is connected with an audio recorder, you must synchronize the audio and video track during your editing for a better rendering. Finally, it should be known that wired models are much less expensive than wireless models in terms of micro-lavalier.

The wireless lavalier microphone

A wireless lavalier microphone is perfect when you need to move around while expressing yourself. It is highly prized in the entertainment world and on television for recording news stories. This type of very discreet wireless microphone works with radio transmitters to be placed on the back of the belt as well as an audio receiver which must be connected to a camera or a camera.

Buying this type of microphone is tricky because in order to function well, the device must have a strong signal. This is to prevent the connection from being interrupted. In addition, radio signals are often interfered with by power lines, machinery and other obstacles. It can happen that a radio frequency is overwritten by another more powerful device. In this case, it will be necessary to change frequency altogether.

It is therefore necessary to favor a model of wireless microphone with high audio signal and customizable to be able to change the radio frequencies as needed. You will notice that a quality wireless lavalier microphone system often comes at a premium.

The lavalier microphone for smartphones

Models of smartphone lavalier microphones are more recent. They work with dedicated applications for better record management. The principle of this type of micro-lavalier is simple: connect the microphone to the 3.5 mm audio jack on your smartphone and launch the application; you can then start recording. The sound management applications dedicated to this type of lavalier microphone for smartphones are more and more sophisticated. Your smartphone will then serve as an HD audio recorder with high sound quality for your video edits.

Obviously, you should then proceed to synchronize the audio / video tracks to perfect the rendering. However, you can also use a TRRS to TRS adapter to establish a connection between the smartphone and the camera to record video along with audio.

What are the criteria for purchasing a lavalier microphone?

It is important to take certain purchasing criteria into account in order to make the best choice of lavalier microphone for your needs.

Audio quality

To check Audio quality a lavalier microphone model, it is advisable to test it before deciding whether or not to buy it. You will assess the sound quality emanating from a lavalier microphone by considering the quality of emission of your voice, the abstraction of ambient sounds, the reaction of the lavalier microphone to sound pressure, but also the noise made the microphone also called relieved breath.

The type of capsule

The sound quality obtained with a lavalier microphone depends on the capsule type with which it is equipped.For the best sound, prefer a mic-lavalier with a condenser condenser mic.The latter being sensitive allows to change the capacitance of condenser microphones during sound pressure.If your choice is a condenser microphone model, the external power supply used should be 48V; however, your recorder must therefore have a 48V audio output, which can be complicated.Alternatively, you may have phantom power if you use a conventional camera without a 48V output.It should also be noted that condenser microphones require a preamplifier to have the power required for its proper functioning.

Feeding method

A lavalier microphone, in order to operate, can be powered by batteries, by rechargeable batteries, or directly from the mains via a cable. Some models combine all three feeding modes, which is advantageous for satisfying several needs.


Autonomy lavalier microphone models is an essential selection criterion. Since it is necessary to use this type of device for sometimes several hours, you must choose a reference that can take the time of your interview, show, show, podcast, etc. For a wired model, you will have no problem with this. However, if your choice is a model powered by batteries or batteries, you will need to check the autonomy to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also prefer models that are less energy intensive.


Size the lavalier microphone is a point that should not be overlooked when choosing among the many models on the market. As the main advantage of this type of microphone is its discretion, it is therefore best to favor the smallest references. The audience shouldn't even notice that you are wearing a microphone, and vice versa, you shouldn't even feel the presence of a microphone attached to your clothing. So, in addition to being small, the model should be light. Also consider the size of the receiver to be attached to the belt so that it is neither bulky nor too heavy.

The brand

Marks that offer lapel microphones on the market today are numerous.They can, however, constitute real purchasing criteria.Some have great fame, sometimes even internationally.They thus have a reputation to maintain and a reputation to establish, so much so that they devote more money and time to the development of quality products.These manufacturers are therefore to be favored during your purchase.However, some newer brands may also offer quality lavalier microphones.To get an idea of ??the efficiency and performance of the referrals they offer, you can rely on user reviews.

The brand Rode is for example a reference in this field. It designs and sells a wide range of lavalier microphones to meet all expectations. Its SmartLav model, for example, is one of the most popular devices on the market. You will also find a brand called Sennheiser ; of German origin, it specializes in audio devices, including quality lavalier microphones. Brands like Mipro, AKG by Harman, Audio Technica, etc. also offer products whose reputation is well established.

How to install a lavalier microphone?

To get great sound, you don't just need to buy a good lavalier microphone, but also knowing how to plug it in. How to achieve this to optimize your use of this device?

The disentangling and the installation of the material

Before even installing and using your lavalier microphone, you must first think about take out the necessary material to do this. It is a question of untangling the cable of the micro-lavalier to avoid the clutter during its use. You also need the camera, audio recorder, smartphone, stand or any other equipment essential for your use of the lavalier microphone such as filming is ready.

The installation

Once everything is in order around you, grab the lavalier microphone and place it on your clothing. The goal being to promote discretion, it is advisable to place it at the collar of your shirt, jacket, sweater or T-shirt, remembering to conceal the cable under your outfit. For a wireless model, you obviously won't have to hide the cable. As for the lavalier microphone, its direction is very important. This is because the tool should be turned towards your mouth so that the sound is as clear as possible. Then you just have to clip everything.

Remember to check if nothing is hindering the sound quality, namely your hair, jewelry, a scarf, or any other object that may produce noise pollution. Rather, professionals recommend V-neck tops like shirts or polo shirts for convenience. On the other hand, T-shirts with a tight or round neck should be avoided to prevent the installation of the lavalier microphone does represent a difficulty.

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