What if you had to dress up as “Mrs. Claus”?

Mother Christmas: a woman of character!

Mrs. Claus has always been part of the oral and written history of Santa Claus, although over the centuries it has been overlooked. She is portrayed by a smiling, jovial, good-natured housewife who bakes cupcakes to comfort her husband when he returns from his toy tour around the world on Christmas Eve. Over time she has been given different names such as Amelia, Jessica, Mary and Anna.

It is therefore easy to understand that the women of today wish to participate in the Christmas party by putting on a Mrs. Claus costume that they can choose from. the selection of Déguiz festivals  ????

One of the first appearances of this character in literature dates from 1849 in a short story by James Rees, a Christian missionary who lived in Philadelphia. His story "A Christmas Legend" tells the tale of Robert Paxson and his wife Gertrude who, on Christmas Eve, welcomed two travelers into their home, weighed down by the bags they carried on their backs.

Robert and Gertrude were sad because they did not have gifts for their children. They could not afford to pay their landlord and waited for his arrival the next morning, Christmas Day, to evict them. Their 10-year-old son John went to get some modest wooden chairs for their guests and their 7-year-old daughter, Jane, hung up her stocking in the hope that Santa Claus would visit their humble home.

After sharing a good meal, a pleasant conversation and a good log fire, the travelers and the Paxson family went to bed.

Early in the morning, when Jane and John got up, they found their woolen stockings full of presents. To their surprise, Robert and Gertrude discovered that the traveling couple were not Santa Claus and his wife, but Amelia, their eldest daughter and her husband William Sandford who had disappeared together on Christmas Eve, 7 years earlier. . After a dissipated youth, William had settled down and discovered he was the heir to a wealthy English family.

The family found themselves together again, their financial worries settled.

In this Christmas tale, Amélia and William therefore play the role of Father and Mother Christmas.

James Rees portrayed the character of Amelia / Mrs. Claus as a generous and forgiving person, like the traditional ideal woman of the time. The character of Mrs. Claus was not made much of afterwards and it was not until the 20thth century to actually hear about it. It was in fact in the 1960s that the role of Mother Christmas was reinforced through literature, cinema and television programs.

Throughout her literary and cinematographic career, Mother Christmas has evolved into a modern and very liberated personality, but she nevertheless remains imbued with serenity, kindness and patience. She provides unfailing support to her husband Santa Claus.