Advice on the conduct of a hot air balloon flight

hot air balloon

A hot air balloon flight is a truly unique experience and recommended for all audiences. First you will observe the balloon inflation process, then you will step into the basket and, with a smooth take off, you will begin a pleasant and relaxing flight with the gentle breeze as a companion. Once you land you will have a feeling of peace with the world and toast with champagne!

It is normal that before flying in a hot air balloon many doubts arise and you may be nervous about unfamiliar surroundings and activity. Here are some tips and recommendations that will help you approach this adventure with more peace of mind.

- Security

Ballooning is an activity regulated by the National Aviation Safety Agency. Balloons are registered aircraft and, as such, they are subject to rigorous periodic checks to ensure that each of their parts is in perfect flight condition. Pilots are professionals who are qualified and experienced to perform flights with passengers. Each hot air balloon is covered by third party liability insurance which covers all passengers.

- Dizziness

Flying in a hot air balloon is very calm, you could say relaxing. During the flight you will not experience sudden or unpleasant movements. Passengers with vertigo get the most out of the flight because, like on an airplane, symptoms only appear when their feet are on the ground. Not everything that flies produces vertigo. As soon as you take off, you just have to look at the horizon for the first few minutes of the flight, all fear will disappear and you will be able to fully enjoy the adventure.

- Clothes

You don't have to wear more clothes to fly in hot air balloon than to walk in the countryside. The flight altitude is not high enough for a significant drop in temperature. It is therefore advisable to put on clothes that you will be comfortable in. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes

- Space on board

Hot air balloons are generally compartmentalized. The pilot has space for himself and the gas cylinders (propane). Passengers are divided into several compartments where they have enough space to comfortably enjoy the flight. Current regulations assign each passenger a minimum space that companies always respect. Inside each compartment there may be 2 to 4 people, depending on the size of the balloon. There are rope handles you can hang on to while landing.

- Luggage

Weight is a deciding factor during the flight. This is why it is recommended not to carry luggage, as the flight lasts only one hour maximum and a ground support vehicle will follow you at all times. You can therefore leave your bags and other items in the car.

- Cameras

The experience of a hot air balloon trip is a unique experience, full of emotions and spectacular landscapes. You can take cameras or video cameras. It is recommended that you bring this equipment with its corresponding cover so that it is perfectly protected when landing. While there is no problem carrying these devices on board, it is the responsibility of each passenger to keep them safe throughout the activity.

- Your flight companions

While it is possible to hire a private flight for 1 or 2 people or a family flight to be accompanied only by the people of your choice, the most common is to share the balloon flight with other travelers. The flight activity promotes the immediate creation of a great atmosphere between all passengers and the pleasure of adventure in a group.

- When to fly?

All flights are scheduled for the first hour of the morning, which almost coincides with sunrise. Now is the perfect time to get in a hot air balloon, as there is less wind and less heat. Take-off time changes throughout the year as the sun rises earlier or earlier. Although the flight is usually only an hour long, the full activity takes about three hours, as it includes a briefing before take-off and collection of equipment (in which you can participate voluntarily). According to the company, a breakfast is offered after landing with a flight graduation ceremony for all passengers as well as return to the meeting point in ground support vehicles.

- Weather

For a hot air balloon flight, the weather forecast must be favorable.The day must rise without wind, rain or fog, so that the flight takes place in the best possible safety conditions.The operations managers of each company and the pilots themselves are very attentive to forecasts and their evolution.They determine whether conditions are suitable for scheduled flights.For this reason, flights are confirmed one or two days before the chosen date.Hot air ballooning is an activity that depends entirely on nature.Another tip for hot air ballooning is to plan the activity for the weekend and check the weather information.