5 tips for maintaining your garden

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The garden is a place dedicated to pleasure, relaxation and relaxation. To be a true haven of peace, it must be clean, pleasant to the eye and above all well maintained. But maintaining the garden takes a lot of time and a lot of work. Most of the work involves watering plants, weeding, removing withered flowers, dead leaves and rotten branches, pruning trees and laying stakes. Here are 5 tips to help you maintain your garden well without too much difficulty.

Choose plants that require very little maintenance

For those who don't have a green thumb and those who are too busy to devote the necessary time to gardening, this tip is ideal for a well-kept garden. You should know that there is a wide range of plants that require very little maintenance and which may suit everyone's taste. Among the most aesthetic and easiest to plant include amaryllis, anthurium, arum, hawthorn, nasturtium, chrysanthemum, poppy and hydrangea.

Make watering basins around the plants

garden maintenanceWhen planting a tree, shrub or any other plant, making watering troughs around the base is a well-tried trick for channeling water from irrigation and capturing water from precipitation. The goal of this operation of gathering a clod of earth around the plant is to reduce watering time, conserve moisture, and optimize plant growth and health.

Place a mulch

To reduce weeding, the most arduous task in garden maintenance, the trick that is on the rise right now is mulching the soil.The idea is not to leave the earth bare and cover it with mulch, which can be designed with plastic, cotton fiber, pine, pebbles, pebbles, slate chips, etc.In addition to preventing the germination of weeds, this technique offers multiple advantages:it nourishes the soil by increasing its fertility and promoting its microbial life, it protects the soil from leaching out of heavy rains, mulching reduces watering time by absorbing water from rains and watering and by conserving humidity ... To be effective, mulching must be applied to weed-free soil. a garden maintenance service and in particular the removal of green waste.

Stake the plants

The installation of stakes is a trick that helps to maintain a fragile or climbing plant and tame the flowers that grow considerably in the spring. The guardians will prevent the pretty flowers and perennials from breaking at the first gust of wind or bending over to hide other plants and hamper the aesthetic side of the garden.

Weed as you go

To enjoy a well-maintained garden and take full advantage of its comfort, adopt the weekly reflex of weeding your garden. If you regularly remove weeds, automatically as they appear, they will eventually stop appearing. Once the weeds have disappeared, you will develop a taste for taking care of plants, ornamental or fruit trees. Note that to weed your garden and have green waste removed, you have the option of contacting companies that offer a garden maintenance service.