5 essentials to prepare your patio for this summer

We were looking forward to it, and it is here! Finally, summer arrives, and with it comes the beautiful days. It's finally time to unwind, sunbathe and therefore come out on the terrace. However, in order to make the most of it, it is better to put all the chances on your side by preparing your patio. Find out how to prepare your patio to make it perfect for this summer.

Clean your terrace

Since the end of last summer, your patio has suffered a lot of damage, between dead leaves, bad weather of all kinds, or even just the weather.It is essential to clean it thoroughly before the onset of sunny days, to make it beautiful, but also healthy.First, remove mold and other weeds by hand.Then use a product suited to the material of your terrace (stone, tiles, concrete, etc.).In general, a mixture of water and baking soda works well on all surfaces.Try to use eco-friendly products and finish with a blow of kärcher to rinse well.Your terrace will be resplendent!

A beautiful garden furniture

For an ever more welcoming terrace, you need a beautiful garden furniture! The essentials are the table, a few chairs and the parasol. You can decorate the whole with deckchairs, cushions and decorations of all kinds. You don't necessarily need a big budget for this. Let your imagination speak! In addition, you can find garden furniture in most furniture stores, but also in some large decoration and DIY stores.


Quietly installed on your deckchair, you try to perfect your tan while dozing when suddenly… Ouch! A red ant! In general, insects are never welcome on a patio, whether it's an ear clip on the parasol or a fly on the plate. Make sure you get rid of those little bugs so you can fully enjoy your patio. For this, you can use a bottle filled with syrup to trap "surprise" guests. If that is not enough, especially during an invasion of ants that have decided to set up their anthill under your terrace, you should carry out an ant extermination.


It is the great culinary classic of the summer and an opportunity to come together and share a pleasant meal with family or friends. Whether it's sausage and pork ribs, grilled vegetables, or even experiments, your patio is the perfect place to host a barbecue. Certain standards must be observed, in particular for buildings in which it is generally forbidden to use a charcoal barbecue. There remains the electric barbecue, less odorous and more ecological. Remember to find yours, in the same stores as for the garden furniture.


To perfect the atmosphere of your terrace, but also to breathe, consider garnishing it with a few plants. Obviously, learn about the types of outdoor plants, the climates they tolerate, and how to care for them. Some examples are bamboos, for a Zen style, or even geraniums, petunias, some roses, but also spice shrubs such as basil, chives or coriander, and even a tomato tree!