3 unmissable activities not to be missed in Canada

Canada or the land of maple is undoubtedly one of the countries that attracts the most visitors in the world. In addition, it is a large country with a plethora of sites to visit. And with the various activities that you can do there, you will have a very good stay in the land of the Great White North.

Visit the most beautiful Canadian cities

As part of your stay in Canada, be sure to venture into its most beautiful cities. By doing this, you will be able to fully enjoy the most unmissable sites of these cities. For example, in Montreal, you can walk through the underground corridors. With its 33 kilometers of tunnels, you can only have fun exploring them. On the other hand, you can also linger in the most multicultural city in Canada, namely Toronto. And if you want to go to a quiet city with great scenery, don't hesitate to visit Vancouver during your trip. trip to Canada.

Admire the beautiful Niagara Falls

Who hasn't heard of the famous Niagara Falls ? Well, know that during your getaway to maple country, you will have the opportunity to contemplate this wonder of nature. To do this, you will be advised to participate in organized outings while in the province of Ontario. You will then see how impressively the water from the fall flows into Lake Ontario. Also, do not miss such a beautiful show during your vacation. Above all, don't forget to capture this stunning image with your camera.

Taste the traditional dishes of the country

You should know that when you are in another country or in another region, it is always interesting to discover new flavors.Also, while you are in Canada, do not miss to taste the traditional dishes of the country.For example, you can eat poutine which is a dish made up of fries, cheese and without forgetting the brown sauce that goes with it.In addition, take advantage of your stay to stock up on maple syrup.You should know that we do not call Canada the land of maple for nothing.Also, for fans of pressure, know that Canadian beers have a unique taste and they are the pride of the locals.But still, they should be consumed in moderation.