Why resort to witchcraft?


Witchcraft is a form of magic that is exercised by using different energies combined with the power of plants, the sun or the moon. It has existed since the dawn of time and is practiced in all cultures, although it takes various forms. It sometimes unleashes hostility because it is not always well received. Some see it as the action of evil forces, something irrational and akin to superstition. But why do we use witchcraft? to find the answers, you must also know that there is black and white witchcraft.

What to expect from witchcraft

We often give the practitioner of white witchcraft the name of healer or white mage because he will help the subject of his care to heal, to get rid of bad waves and even to disenchant himself. When everything is bad in your life, everything fails, you sometimes think to yourself "someone put a spell on me". For followers of witchcraft, this means that an evil person wants to harm you and has to use their own negative powers to influence your destiny.

To counter these negative forces, you must therefore resort to a white mage who will save your life by sending positive energies towards you which will drive out all the dark spirits surrounding your life.

On the contrary, witchcraft black will allow you to target someone who is harming you by incapacitating them. On the contrary, it is to cast a spell on him.

The main mission of the sorcerer will then be to destroy and cause harm to others. He responds badly, notably by using speech, verb and will. It is therefore the use of black magic, the worst possible and which can cause enormous harm such as illness, death in extreme cases, division, divorce and unhappiness in general.

The best known witchcraft is voodoo magic which uses special dolls and resort to sacrifices.

How witchcraft works

Witchcraft directly influences several levels of the spiritual body that is, on the different strata of our magnetic cortex. It is practiced in many ways and very often through prayers which will be recited by the sorcerer or by the patient himself.

Some methods also use oils, herbs, pieces of tissue, animal paste, or stones.

Some wizards also rely on planets, numerology, or tea leaves to achieve their ends. The most important, however, remains the conviction that the subject treated or requesting the action of witchcraft will put into practice.

Most often, the wizard will need to come into contact with the body of the person concerned either to heal them or to cast a spell on them. This contact makes it possible to send waves more strongly and to transmit the desired energy to influence the own spiritual body which is to receive the treatment.

If you are a follower of this type of practice, you should choose a person who you can trust and who is in tune with your own ethics.