Why choose customizable jewelry?

customizable jewelry

Certain life events need special attention that will remain in the heart of the person who receives the present for a long time. Choosing a unique gift is not always an easy task and that is why the personalized gift market has grown soaringly in recent years. Among them, the jewel is still the favorite.

The jewel and its share of eternity

The jewel is naturally a very strong symbol because it marks love, friendship and it is a gift that can be kept for life. This part of eternity gives it a special aura and will truly touch the mind of the one for whom it is intended.

Receiving personalized jewelry is then even more intense because it will be the eternal memory of a specific day, a loved one or a very special occasion. Give a jewel which has been imagined, thought through for a long time by the one who gives it, makes it a unique gift. Indeed, beyond the object that we receive, and which is in itself a whole symbol, the idea that we have thought about the tastes of the other at length makes it an unforgettable object. This is the height of romanticism.

The birth of a child, an engagement, Mother's Day or a declaration of love are all occasions to celebrate by offering personalized jewelry.

Rings or necklaces?

The ring is THE jewel par excellence, the absolute mark of the bond that we want to be unwavering. It is also the symbol of love and giving it is a real statement.

The current trend is to offer a customizable silver ring with first names and stones.

There are even some models where you can engrave up to four names on the top of each ring and two more on the inside of the ring, depending on the number of letters. The idea of ??the semi-precious colored stone allows to add an extra touch of originality and personalization.

Just like flowers, stones have their own language and they make it possible to illustrate the month of birth, a character trait or to give a particular energy.

Necklaces are less formal and sometimes easier to offer. They are suitable for all ages and offer even greater possibilities for customization than rings.

The name necklace with the birthstones of your choice is the perfect gift for the arrival of a newborn baby. This is a unique way to symbolically carry all the people you love to your heart. The possibilities are endless both in the choice of the shapes of pendants and in that of the stones.

The heart-shaped pendant is a classic must-have, but you can also stand out with scrolls, entwined hearts or an 8-shape that represents infinity.

As for the birthstone tradition, we owe it to American jewelers since it was in 1912 that the National Jewelers Association of the United States established this correlation between the month of birth and the color of a stone.