Why is babysitting the ideal student job?

Did you know that the majority of people who are employed by individuals for child care benefits are students under the age of 24? Babysitting is the ideal job to generate additional income while enjoying a certain flexibility in the choice of hours and work. But we will see that this job offers many other advantages for the students.

Tax-exempt income

Most students finance part of their studies by working in the summer. These are the famous student jobs. The state considers that young people who are studying should not be taxed on these salaries. It is for this reason that they are not subject to declaration on income within the limit of 4,564 euros according to the 2020 scale. If the amount of the student's income exceeds this amount, only the surplus should be declared. To babysit throughout the year to generate a small additional income does not generally exceed this threshold. According to platforms specializing in childcare, the majority of babysitters earn around 250 euros per month, which makes 2,500 euros over 10 months. This leaves the student free to work one month during the summer and take advantage of the other for the holidays.

A job that can be combined with the help of CAF

Students have a small monthly budget. Most of them can benefit from CAF aid when they rent a studio or an apartment. This can be personalized housing assistance (APL), social housing allowance (ALS) or family housing allowance (ALF). These three aids are awarded on the basis of means. Gold a student job as babysitting can be combined with CAF aid, because it is a part-time job and the income generated is not sufficient to negatively impact the amount of housing aid. 

A job that can be combined with student grants

Some scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit. Resources are therefore not taken into account when obtaining them. Other grants, such as those from CROUS, are grants based on social criteria. For their allocation, the services take into account the parents' income, then the amount is calculated according to a very precise scale. Income from a babysitting job part-time will not influence the calculation of the amount of the grant as long as the student's income is not subject to tax declaration up to the limit of 4,564 euros (2020 scale). 

Flexibility in schedules

Students have very variable hours because of the optional education system. Take the example of a student who babysits at night. She picks up a child at 5 p.m. from school, helps him with his homework and then looks after him until 7 p.m. One day in the week, she has class until 8 p.m. Thanks to the babysitting platforms, parents will be able to entrust the mission to another person that day and release their usual babysitter so she can take her course.