Which wooden game to choose?

For a birthday, a barbecue party or other celebrations, outdoor games are essential for having fun with family or friends. They certainly create a festive and warm atmosphere. Mölkky, Cornhole, Jegga… these wooden games are the stars of outdoor games. They are better alternatives to plastic toys.

Mölkky, the famous Finnish bowling game

Mölkky is a bowling game created by a Finnish company: Lahden Paikkaopen_in_new, in 1996. This educational game requires precision and skill. For children, like other early learning toys, it helps develop their strategic mind. The bowling pins are made of natural wood from sustainably managed Finnish forests.

A little history

The Mölkky game is inspired by Kyykkä, an old game of bowling mainly played in Karelia. When the Karelians fled to Finland, they took this game with them to the delight of the little ones. Nowadays, tournaments are organized all over the world, from Slovakia to Turkey, via Japan. A world championship is held every year. The game has been a resounding success in France since 2006 and has since recorded Mölkky's highest selling record, ahead of Finland.

The game's rules

This skill game practice at least 2. Players use the Mölkky to knock down wooden pins ranging from 1 through 12. The number of points earned varies depending on the pins knocked down on each throw. All the pins are put back in place afterwards. Whoever reaches 50 points wins the game. If you exceed 50 points, your score is reduced to 25. A player who does not knock down a pin in three straight throws loses automatically

The Cornhole, a game for all ages

Like the Mölkky game, the Cornhole isn't just for toddlers. On the contrary, it is perfect to liven up birthdays, but also garden parties. This outdoor game comes straight from the United States.

Origin of the game

He introduces some similarities with the game of horseshoes, but instead of the metal tip, there is a slanted wooden board with a hole that will serve as a target. From its inception to today, it has been a real social phenomenon in America. The national championships are also broadcast on the sports channel ESPN8.

The rules

To play Cornhole, you need 2 rectangular boards with a hole to throw the 8 bags of fabric beans or corn. The team earns 3 points when the bag goes through the hole and 1 point if it lands on the platform. You have to score exactly 21 points to win the game.

If you are looking for gift ideas for a birthday, you can go for a construction game, a doll house, a rocking horse, a walking cart or even a wooden train. In addition to its traditional side, the wooden toy participates in baby awakening. In addition, this material is appreciated for its ecological aspect.