Which storage solution to choose for July 1 in Montreal?

Your lease expires on 1er next july? It's time to get ready to move! Many people will be moving on this specific day, so it's important to plan ahead. Let’s take a closer look at the different storage solutions available in Montreal.

The tradition of the first of July

Like every year, the date of July 1 is often synonymous with moving. How to explain this tradition, which has become a real social phenomenon? To see more clearly, we have to go back almost 50 years. Indeed, until the mid-1970s, rental leases expired on April 30 and residents had to vacate their homes on April 1er may. In order to avoid disrupting the school year, the Quebec government passed a law in 1974. This law decrees that all leases must end on June 30.

The act of moving on a fixed date dates back to the post-war period. At that time, the province was experiencing a severe housing shortage. To protect tenants from winter evictions, the Catholic Church lobbied to ban moves before May.

Today, almost one in five moves takes place in the weeks around 1er July. Some companies also take the opportunity to carry out their move to new premises.

Ensure the removal yourself

Some people decide to do their move themselves. For that, it is better to surround yourself with a few rather burly friends and have a van available. Many stores offer to rent utility vehicles of different sizes for your move.

However, it is advisable to be careful, as a van can be difficult for the uninitiated to drive and even more so on July 1st. An inexpensive solution, but which can nevertheless prove to be dangerous.

A mover as a storage solution

You can also use a moving company. In this case, a team of movers will come to your home to load your belongings onto the truck and move them to your next home.

It is recommended that you supervise the move, as some of your items are more valuable than others and to avoid breakage you will need to control the actions of the movers.

This solution allows you not to have to worry about moving furniture, but requires you to supervise. It is also a relatively expensive practice.

A cube as a storage solution

For some time now, a ideal storage solution was born in Montreal.These are storage cubes.The method is simple, you receive the cube at home, you fill it and the company will come directly to pick it up and then drop it off elsewhere or store it in secure premises.This technique allows you to store your belongings seven times faster than with traditional storage.This is because you save time because you don't have to unload your belongings.Plus, with cubes, you don't have to rent a truck.The cube is a custom-made container for moving and storage.It has a capacity of 2000 pounds.It is possible to open it completely on the side of the cube to facilitate loading.Its wooden structure and waterproof cover allow the cubes to protect the contents from bad weather and humidity.

Choose the right storage solution for the 1er July

You now know the different storage options in Montreal. For your move from 1er Next July, you can choose between moving on your own, using a team of movers or contacting a storage cube company.