Which steam plant to choose in 2020?

Ironing is a particularly time-consuming household task, but just as essential in everyday life. Indeed, it has always been considered a chore that requires specific techniques in order not to damage the laundry. Thanks to the evolution of technology, the iron is getting a makeover and gives way to the famous steam generator.

This is a revolutionary household appliance that can iron a large volume of laundry in no time. In recent years, the giants of technology have embarked on a fierce race to be able to offer innovative steam plants that best meet the needs of households. This is justified by the considerable number of models available on the market. In 2020, the technology is more sophisticated. Why not invest in a modern steam generator? Browse these few lines to choose the best models available on the market.

Selection criteria

It is quite difficult to determine the best models on the market, since it is a very relative point of view. A model of steam generator that is perfect for one household will not be ideal for another. Everything will depend on what you really need and what criteria are particularly important to you. Some will prefer power, while others will prefer handling.

The choice of a steam generator also depends on the budget devoted to this kind of investment. Indeed, there are moderately powerful steam plants, but which will be offered at an affordable price. On the other hand, some models will be ultra-efficient, but will cost you a small fortune. The idea then is to find a power plant that can reconcile practicality and economy.

To help you have a basis for choosing the ideal steam generator, here are some criteria to take into account and analyze closely.

Steam flow

The steam flow corresponds to the volume of steam that can be produced by the device in a given time. This is also a point that makes the considerable difference between the iron and the steam generator. The higher the steam flow, the more efficient the steam generator. The ideal is to choose a model with at least a steam flow of 500 g / min.

The power

This is also an important point that should not be overlooked. The appliance must be powerful enough to be able to smooth the laundry properly. The more powerful your steam generator, the more it will offer better results. The ideal device would be at least 2,000 W.

Ease of handling

This is a particularly important point. Indeed, it is important that your steam generator offers you optimal comfort of use. This includes lightness, ergonomics and maneuverability. The power cable must also be long enough to allow you to be comfortable with your operations.

The structures

This concerns the different parts of the steam generator which can improve the comfort of use. Check that the steam generator is equipped with a removable tank to facilitate filling with water. It is also necessary that the capacity of the tank is large enough to avoid interrupting the ironing for refilling with water.

Also give a special look to the sole. This should be thin enough to make the appliance lighter, but thick enough to effectively smooth all types of fabrics.


Autonomy is one of the most important considerations when choosing a steam generator. Moreover, this criterion will depend greatly on the size of the tank as well as the steam flow. Choose a model with unlimited autonomy.


This is a criterion that can be of particular interest to distracted people. This can reduce the risks considerably. Some models of steam generators are equipped with a standby system. Thus, the device will automatically shut down when you do not use it for a while. Other models have a lock at the base to keep the ironing device in place.

The brand

The brand can be a deciding factor if you are loyal to a particular company. It can also be a benchmark to determine the quality of the device as well as its price. However, be aware that there are devices from brands that are little known, but which offer similar performance to the products of the largest household appliances.

Some selections of the best steam generators in 2020

There are a few models of steam generators that stand out on the market. This year, it's time for innovation and designs are getting more and more sophisticated.

Philips GC9614 / 20 PerfectCare Elite

It is a high-end steam generator that will perfectly meet your most demanding requirements. Its particularly high price is justified by its ease of use, its power and its many features. It does not require the slightest adjustment and its start-up is immediate. It is excellent for smoothing all types of fabrics, from the most fragile to the thickest.

In addition to its lightness, this steam generator has a removable tank. No need to sort your laundry before ironing, since this appliance can go from a silk garment to a denim jacket.

Calor SV8052C0

The Calor SV8052C0 is one of the best models on the market. It is recognized for its practicality and its excellent quality / price ratio. It does not require any adjustment and can also be adapted to all textile fibers. It also allows vertical finishing to steam clothes at the last minute. Thanks to its thread tip, it is able to deal with the toughest clothes.

H.Koenig V5i

If you are on a budget, but want to enjoy features similar to high-end models, this steam generator is perfect for you. With a pressure of 3.5 bars, this appliance provides efficient steam to smooth your laundry efficiently. Despite its simplicity, this steam generator will meet your daily needs at the best price.

It's up to you to make your choice according to the criteria mentioned above in the article. However, it is advisable to invest in a high performance appliance if you need to iron a considerable volume of laundry per day.