What toys to choose for your baby?

baby toys

Toys for children should be chosen with the greatest care. Also, learn about the material that composes them, as well as their various characteristics. How do you identify a good activity toy? Here are our tips. 

To discover the world and gain autonomy, your baby needs to handle objects, put them in their mouths, throw them and throw them. Also, it is essential to invest in kids toys adapted to its needs and stage of development. While choosing the right play toys is essential, other criteria must be considered. What are they ? How to choose the best baby games ? Read on to find out more.

Choose your baby's toys according to their composition

On your next visit to a toy store, take an interest in the composition of the various childcare objects. Indeed, certain materials should be avoided, while others are ideal for use by your baby.

The preferred materials

Obviously, we advise you to turn to baby toys made from natural materials. This is the case with wood, for example, only if it is not treated. In this case, it does not represent any danger for your child. In addition, the wood games are particularly resistant and have an excellent lifespan. They can therefore then be transferred to other children in your family!

Among the natural materials suitable for baby use, we can also mention rubber, obtained from latex, a non-toxic substance taken from rubber trees. Among the toys made of rubber, we can mention the famous Sophie the giraffethat you can find here. Wood, like rubber, is safe for babies to put in their mouths. In addition, let us specify that Sophie la Girafe is painted, thanks to a paint composed of natural pigments.

Materials to absolutely avoid

As you most certainly know, plastic is a very controversial material. Indeed, some varieties of plastic contain Bisphenol A, an endocrine disruptor whose amount in children's toys is strictly regulated. In addition, the paint found on plastic children's toys may contain Of heavy metals, whose impact on health is well established.

Activity toys: how to choose them?

Activity toys have one goal: to stimulate your child's senses. Sophie la Girafe is an excellent example. Also make sure the toy is large enough that it cannot be swallowed.

Our advice: give your baby toys adapted to its stage of development. However, not all children develop at the same rate. It’s true, you’ve probably already noticed that some babies are more independent than others. Therefore, the choice of toys should be guided by the stage of development, and not by age, one indicator is misleading.