What is the point of dematerializing your invoices?

Both for the company and for its customers, the dematerialization of invoices has many advantages, hence the advantage of favoring this method of work. Here are a few.

In brief dematerialization of invoices

Dematerialization of invoices is understood to mean moving from physical or paper version to digital or electronic version of documents relating to the purchase of a company's products or services. This is notably possible thanks to the immense progress made in the field of new technologies, including the Internet. As well, a digitized invoice retains its fiscal and legal value as well than when it was in print.

On the side of entrepreneurs

However, companies must use a dedicated application to do this. It allows them to prepare their invoices in the most correct and fast way possible for more efficiency. The goal is to always be competitive by saving on the operating costs of the company. Indeed, the digitization of invoices makes it possible to reduce the costs directly related to their sending. We cite paper, ink, envelope, stamp and other processing costs. This dematerialization of documents allows companies to contribute to becoming more eco-responsible, but also to save time when preparing, sending, processing and archiving the invoice. It greatly reduces errors, as the calculations are often done by the software itself. Payments are also easier, because the customer only needs to rely on the references of a particular invoice and to use one of the accepted payment methods to do the necessary. These procedures are faster thanks to the existing online payment methods.

The same is true for archiving, which now requires only the minimum of physical and digital storage space, especially with the cloud. Let’s not talk about the company's accounting, which also becomes easier thanks to the complete automatic reports.

On the customer side

The dematerialization of invoices is also a boon for customers, because this solution saves them from handling and storing paperwork. However, they can consult them at any time in their email or another space or medium used to classify them. There is really nothing wrong with the good traceability of all scanned documents. As to online payments, it also prevents them from moving while ensuring the safety of the procedures carried out. No risk of errors either, with the dematerialization of invoices, because the data is pre-filled. Also, whether for businesses or consumers, scanning invoices is very beneficial as this option makes life easier while speeding up business development processes. These are all reasons to favor it, even for quotes, delivery slips and all that is paperwork.