What are the advantages of plumbing pipe inspection cameras?

pipe inspection camera

Camera pipe inspection, as the name suggests, involves inspecting pipes using cameras. This way the results are much more precise. In addition, it makes it possible to reach all pipe spaces, even the smallest diameters.

It is an indispensable service to avoid major problems in the field of plumbing. Periodic performance of these inspections will promote maintenance and optimum condition of the piping.

The pipe inspection camera is also called an endoscopic camera. It is an extremely useful tool for maintenance purposes as it works the same as a clinical device when it comes to checking the interior of hard to reach or directly inaccessible areas for possible failures. .

This technological development has progressed sufficiently to be economically sustainable without the need for significant financial resources. Professional plumbing companies can also inquire about the plumbing camera rental.

Inspection cameras are a widely used solution for network diagnostics in plumbing applications and, in general, sewer system maintenance.

Camera inspection systems consist of a control unit, responsible for supplying power to the entire system and displaying inspection images in the most advanced versions, incorporating reporting software.

What are the benefits of using pipe inspection cameras?

  • Greater security

For professionals, working with cameras helps prevent diagnostic errors. This helps reduce expenses, as liability insurance premiums are also lower. In addition, professionals are not exposed to collapses, toxic gases and other risks.

  • The diagnosis is correct

The cameras guarantee an always precise diagnosis. It is no longer about looking at the wall and relying on the experience of the professional. Now a camera provides a picture of what's going on inside a pipe. These cameras allow you to do the inspection first and analyze the resulting recording later, with sophisticated viewing equipment that leaves no doubt about the problems encountered inside.

  • Avoid unnecessary work

The cameras used for inspecting pipes are able to see where the eye cannot go. And they do so in a way that is not only non-invasive, but also non-destructive. The use of cameras avoids having to tear down walls.

  • Double check

As the inspection is done using a camera, the recordings can be reviewed later. This allows for better and more accurate maintenance. In addition, customers receive a detailed report which can be supplemented with images and videos captured during the exam.

  • Every corner is checked

Through the use of cameras, it will be possible to reach areas that the human eye is unable to see. This service therefore ensures optimal maintenance since the pipes will be fully checked.

  • Full maintenance

Before the pipes are inspected by a camera, cleaning is carried out using pressurized water. Therefore, in addition to inspecting the piping, the pipes will be cleaned.

As you can see, the advantages of this type of camera are numerous for all professionals who require an inspection of pipelines in their trade such as plumbers.