Tips for riding a motorcycle in winter

winter motorcycle

Two-wheeler enthusiasts know that it is not always easy to ride a motorcycle in winter. Between the slippery ground, the low temperatures and the reduced visibility, accidents can happen very quickly. Whether it concerns the choice of motorcycle equipment to wear, riding techniques or the types of accessories to buy to strengthen the stability of your motorcycle on ice, here are some good tips to remember.

Protect yourself from the cold

When the temperatures start to drop, you have to think about adopting suitable biker equipment, namely the motorcycle clothing of choice such as the leather suit, the motorcycle jacket, motocross helmet and motorcycle gloves approved. Note that the full face helmet is preferred to the jet helmet which does not always protect against wind, cold and snow. Modular helmets as for them, will be to choose in models which integrate a chin bar.

It is important to remember that if the temperature is 0 ° when stopped, it can easily drop to -20 ° C if you drive at a speed of 100 km / h. It will therefore be necessary to opt for specific equipment, namely an under-sweater enhanced with a padded leather jacket and a parka or raincoat to protect against the cold and rain. For the bottom, leather pants reinforced with rain pants will be perfect, because this will protect the legs from the risk of cramps due to the cold.

Install the right accessories

ride a motorcycle in the snowYou will also have to think about customizing the bike to make it easier to ride in the snow. Some types of two-wheelers can including Harley Davidson, off-road motorcycles and superbikes such as the Kawasaki can be enhanced with a windshield or a windshield, the latter being more advisable for vintage motorcycles, because it will integrate better into the design of the machine while protecting the weather biker. We also take the opportunity to change the wheels and opt for wide, notched tires which evacuate snow more easily and heat up more quickly even on frozen ground.

The risks of frost are to be feared. Also, it is imperative to remove the battery and fill the tank to the maximum if the motorcycle is going to be in the garage for several months. Care is also taken to plug the exhaust outlet and take the time to drain all circuits (carburetors, engine oil, etc.). We will not forget to cover the motorcycle so that it does not collect dust.

Adapt your driving to bad weather

Finally, to limit the risk of a motorcycle accident during winter, it will be necessary ensure that braking is optimal and that the power is well distributed between the front and rear brakes. When cornering, it is important to adapt your driving as well as possible to avoid patches of ice that form on the sides of the road in winter. If the road is snowy then it is wiser to follow the tracks formed by the cars and always drive at low speed to avoid bad falls.