The master of sound: the amplifier

sound amplifier

In the world of classical music, there are roughly works and performances. Mozart's Requiem, Goldberg Variations and Vivaldi's Four Seasons, to name a few, have been performed and recorded countless times!

And these versions are certainly not all created equal! Some conductors make a difference! We will no doubt remember the fiery and even incendiary interpretation of the Four Seasons by Fabio Biondi at Opus 111 in 1991 and, more recently, the recording of Mozart's Requiem by the young eccentric, Greco-Russian conductor, Teodor Currentzis conducting his orchestra and its choir MusicAeterna in a personal and dazzling interpretation of this legendary mass for the dead! But to fully savor its nuances and jerks, speed and silences, you need a sound system of exemplary quality and A amplifier that works the sound like a master builder!

Powerful sound and sound quality

"For a music lover the most beautiful piece of music is the one he listens to; for a collector it is the one he does not have in his nightclub" said Jean Brassard. It is quite possible, but music lovers will tell you: to have fun listening to music, you must first find the right version of a classical work - or at least an interesting version - and secondly have a good amplifier, good speaker cabinets and quality cables that will allow you to get the ultimate and perfect sound! These conditions together give you the opportunity to live an experience, nothing less!

The amplifier has two major functions: amplification and correction of the audio signal. This is the device that allows you to determine the sound quality of the signal. Amplifiers let you get more powerful and better sound. It actually allows you to multiply the capacities of your loudspeakers.

There was a time when amplifiers were expensive. Fortunately, the prices have come down and the manufacturers are offering quality equipment at a reasonable price. Of course, high-end models are still expensive, but they shape the sound in exemplary fashion. Let’s not forget that the amplifier is the basis of the sound system.

Choosing an amplifier

To choose an amplifier, it is recommended to test them. Your best bet is to bring an album of music that you like and know well with you and listen to it to test the different amplifiers; this will help you make the best possible choice. You must also assess your needs:

  • The purposes of use;
  • The power;
  • The number of channels of the A / V receiver;
  • The audio zones;
  • Sound processing;
  • Compatibility with surround sound formats;
  • The connection medium;
  • Your budget

The use you want to make of it will determine your needs; we will not choose the same amplifier if we want listen to music, whether classic, rock or pop or to improve the quality of a home theater. But remember, the right device for you is the one that will give you the most pleasure! So open your ears wide!