The big comeback of drive-in cinema

Born in the United States in the 1950s, the drive in cinema allowed you to watch a movie without leaving your car. This obviously required large spaces such as may exist in some areas of Arizona, or in many desert areas in the United States. This type of distribution has gradually disappeared but is back in fashion in France. How to organize an outdoor cinema session and what are the advantages?

The organization of a drive-in cinema screening

The first requirement is to find a place compatible with this type of event: it can be a field provided that it is not too rough to allow vehicles to roll, a large parking lot by the sea or in an urban area, like a parking lot in a commercial area for example.

It is then necessary to seek the necessary authorizations, possibly from the municipality depending on the size of the gathering, from the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs and from the National Cinema Center.

And finally, it is essential to find the quality provider so that your outdoor movie screening goes off without a hitch. The contingencies are also not the same if you want to present a film to an audience in their car or just sitting in the grass or in armchairs.

Such an event cannot be improvised because you need suitable equipment (it is not a question of hanging a simple sheet in your garden with a living room overhead projector), a generator to bring electricity to the site and a sound system. up to the spectacle and the size of the venue.

For drive-in sessions, there is even the possibility of broadcasting the soundtrack on a microwave channel to which motorists can connect from their vehicle's radio.

What are the advantages of the drive-in outdoor cinema?

Attending this type of screening gives a particular feeling of freedom. There is no sense of confinement and promiscuity felt in a room where you have to endure the noises of your neighbor's candy wrap or whispering.

Watching such a screening from the comfort of your car feels like you are enjoying a private screening. You talk at leisure whenever you want without disturbing your neighbors, eat quietly while watching your movie and it's also ideal for dating with a first kiss.

The organizers can also take the opportunity to offer spectators a refreshment bar, a drive-through catering service, with even a rollerblading service option to be even more retro, or even propose cleaning the windshield before the film.

It could also be an opportunity for a vintage car club to meet again at the end of the day after a stroll in the region.

Finally, showing a drive-in film can be a good communication tool for a company that wants to please its employees or customers with an original output.