The travel cot: the freedom to travel simply!

baby cot

Parenthood has changed a lot over the past few decades. Driven by the publishing community, which gives pride of place to publications intended for early childhood, and by the blogosphere, it takes on an ever-changing appearance!

Authors, bloggers and bloggers abound and everyone, from the pure specialist to the mother of a family, gives his opinion, criticizes or adores the different facets of parenthood.The latter is marked by an extraordinary change:families are more and more open to the world and they take advantage of this openness to expand their potential; equity is installed in the heart of the home, grandparents do not hesitate to get involved and in schools and nurseries, educators are on the lookout for all new theses in the field of science. education.Everyone's roles have definitely changed.But it's not just ideas that evolve, baby items and items evolve too! Let's do all the light on the travel cot and the freedom to travel simply!

The portable cradle: a compact and comfortable space

It is common today for parents to take toddlers everywhere with them on a trip, on a simple outing, or on vacation. We don't stop moving because we have children, especially when we have high quality and safe equipment at our disposal.

The travel cot is a foldable travel cot, designed for babies and complete with a transport cover.The latter offers a comfortable space for baby where he can sleep almost anywhere and anytime.It is generally compact; it is easily transported and stored.It is used for outings but also as a portable cradle at home; it gives you the opportunity to go about your business while having baby in front of you.In fact, during the first few months, parents and children benefit from "close custody"; a feeling of security comes to dress the days and the nights for the greater good of all!The most innovative models feature integrated changing tables and various accessories to entertain or calm baby.They are safe and some provide mechanisms against accidental closures.

Accessories to facilitate family organization

At the pace of life, it is necessary to have access to efficient and adequate equipment to facilitate and simplify daily life!  With the arrival of the babylife is changed and parents appreciate being able to count on high-performance accessories to organize their living space, offer a safe and secure home and they do not hesitate to invest in the purchase of 'articles, clothing and furniture whose usefulness is no longer to be proven, such as the travel cot.

We sincerely wish the best for baby and the care we give them continues to specialize. Eco-friendly products, cotton diapers, nursing pillows, baby detergents and miraculous creams ... we haven't heard the last of it!