The clarinet, a multifaceted instrument

The clarinet is a musical instrument that stands out especially for its exceptional timbre and especially its range in a particularly broad way. On the other hand, we can say that it is an instrument of exceptional elegance. In the four corners of the world, the clarinet is gaining more and more followers, including several great composers who have not hesitated to devote a large number of works to this peerless instrument.

A brief history

This musical instrument was invented towards the end of the 17th century by Johann christoph denner in Nuremberg. The clarinet is in fact a wind instrument that belongs to the wood family. This word clarinet comes from a Provencal word "clarin" designating an oboe or "clarine", a kind of high trumpet. Like other instruments, it used to have a different name. At one time, especially before the 1750s, there was talk of torch. Regarding the model, the most represented is the clarinet soprano in B flat or "sib ". As for the others commonly encountered, we can cite the clarinet in C , in E flat, the clarinet alto or the bass.

To start, which clarinet to buy?

At first glance, acquiring a clarinet turns out to be a long term purchase. This amounts to saying that one invests in an instrument for several years. In case we are not sure of the choice, then we can try to rent one, why not ? Among other things, there are many formulas where you rent the instrument and the money you put in the rental is deducted from the price of sale of clarinets thereafter. It is also important to note that there are a large number of study clarinets. These differ from the so-called clarinets professional by their mechanism and their sound. With regard to these study models, there are generally two types of materials: wood and resin. The only downside to a wooden clarinet is that it needs proper care.

The different existing clarinets

Clarinets, the ones in use today, come in several models. Instruments vary in tone. First of all, we have the B flat clarinet. This is in fact the most common. This instrument has a scale of three octaves and a sixth. Composed of a cylindrical pipe closed at one end, the clarinet has a so-called twelfth key allowing you to play the twelfth of the root notes, unlike the octave as in the case of the flute. The small sopranino clarinet in A flat, for its part, has a "screaming" sound. This model is only used by groups of military music or the contemporary music. Now zoom in on the C clarinet. This model is widely used by 18th century musicians. However, the instrumentalists have replaced it with the clarinet in Bb, which stands out for its round, luminous and shiny tone.