The advantages of prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses

You have found the land of your dreams to build your future home and now is the time to decide what type of home you want. Several options are available to you, including hiring an architect to draw up custom plans, choosing an existing model from a builder or even opting for a prefabricated house. If you are still hesitating on this last possibility, here are the undeniable advantages offered by the already manufactured home.

Speed ??and simplicity

Prefabricated houses, also known as modular or factory-built houses, impress with the simplicity of their layout and, in so doing, the speed of their installation. Like a construction game for children, this type of habitat is in fact made up of different blocks, modules, which are manufactured in the factory and just moved on the ground for their installation and assembly to each other.

Modular also rhymes with modular since future buyers can sometimes buy more blocks in order to enlarge the model presented and request custom interior fittings. Some houses are also likely to be delivered unfinished without any finishing that the client is free to have carried out by the specialist company of his choice. This mainly applies to fittings such as kitchen, bathroom and cupboards or libraries.

The other advantage of this type of project is to be able to visit the final result with the manufacturer who usually has an exhibition center with the most frequently sold models. This makes it ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to project themselves just by seeing a shot.

Modular homes are therefore attracting more and more families across Canada and in Quebec, and many programs are emerging as that of a prefabricated house in Sherbrooke

Quality and eco-responsibility

Contrary to popular belief, manufactured homes are not shoddy constructions made with cheap materials. Quite the reverse, as manufacturers rely on the reliability and strength of materials at bargain prices to attract more customers.

The modules are also most often made with environmentally friendly products such as wood or brick and with high thermal performance, which is important in regions with extreme temperatures. The chosen lights are now at led and it is also common to see the installation of solar panels on the roofs. These panels will produce some of the electricity needed to run the house for lighting, heating, air conditioning and hot water production.

The key words of the prefabricated house are economy and no waste. The cost price is always less expensive than a traditional construction, because it is intended to be faster thanks to the standardization of the elements to be assembled and therefore requires much less labor. In terms of materials, there is no mess, because everything is already planned in the factory according to predefined plans.

Finally, there is no risk of seeing a site shut down due to bad weather since everything is manufactured in the factory.