The advantages of installing roller shutters

Closures for a house or an apartment are very important. It is a piece of equipment that guarantees the safety and isolation of its habitat. However, we see more and more owners investing in roller shutters. What advantages do they find in this type of equipment compared to traditional shutters? 

The practical aspects of roller shutters

The roller shutter won over owners for its practicality. Once opened, the shutter disappears into a box installed either inside or outside just above the window. It is a shutter that can be opened without having to open the window. What sells the most today are electric models and connected roller shutters, because they can be remotely controlled. This is very useful when you want to close your shutters at nightfall in winter while you are still at work. Thanks to a mobile application, you can easily control all the equipment in your home. 

Shutters that offer good insulation

The benefit of having its openings installed with a real roller shutter installer, it is to be sure to have an installation that perfectly isolates your home. In fact, roller shutters make it possible tosave about 22 % on heating energy. However, as this is part of the exterior insulation work, they are eligible for aid from the support system for individuals towards the energy transition. To change all of its shutters, we can obtain a zero rate loan (PTZ) or even a tax credit for the installation rolling shutters. In addition, local authorities also offer aid through the ANAH to finance part of the work. It can be very profitable from a financial point of view to install roller shutters. 

The shutters also insulate the accommodation from heat in summer, and they are very useful in hot weather. Finally, some models also offer good sound insulation at night and allow you to sleep in peace in your house or in your apartment.

A key point of home security

The other advantage of the roller shutter is that it secures the home. First, it helps protect the house prying eyes when you're not around. From a dissuasive point of view, the roller shutter tends to discourage burglars, especially the newer models which are connected and which are very often connected to an alarm system. This therefore helps prevent a number of burglaries.

More and more aesthetic models

Today, roller shutters are an integral part of the front of our house or our apartment. However, most customers are also looking for aesthetic shutters that perfectly match the style of the home. In some places, shapes and colors may be imposed by municipalities or condominium associations. These rules are generally put in place with the aim of harmonizing the aesthetics of the premises. Today, manufacturers offer different models of shutters to perfectly match all styles of housing and which fit perfectly into a natural setting.