Sing in the rain ... How to choose the right umbrella?

Whether you're taking a wilderness excursion or just going to work, there is nothing more annoying than being caught off guard in bad weather. Fortunately, there is an accessory that can protect you: the umbrella. Having the right umbrella, even for those who live in areas with little rain, means being prepared for every downpour.

How do you decide which umbrella is right for you?

First, you need to take into account weather situation of the region in which you live.Does it often rain?Is it a windy region?Next, think about what characteristics your umbrella should have, such as diameter, weight, durability, and style.So, if you need an umbrella to protect you while walking your dog, you might like a tall, upright umbrella.There are in fact two types of umbrella:on the one hand, traditional umbrellas, classic in shape and usually quite sturdy, but their size and weight make them somewhat cumbersome.On the other hand, compact umbrellas, small enough to always be with you and fit in your bag, and which open and close easily with the push of a button.

Which umbrellas are best suited for the job?

The compact models are designed to be always with you, ready to go whenever it starts to rain. If you take public transport to work, you mostly want to be comfortable and have as little space as possible, especially since it is not easy to find your way during rush hour. So, to travel light, you will prefer a mini umbrella or a foldable umbrella that will fit easily in your bag. If you are driving or walking to work, you may want to opt for a large umbrella, such as a storm umbrella or a golf umbrella, so that you are perfectly sheltered. But many of you surely don't think about buying an umbrella until the sky is threatening. Fortunately, some companies have the genius idea of ??giving you a personalized umbrella that you will be happy to take out when the rain starts to fall. By the way, if you work in a marketing department, you know what it is like to have the difficult task of choosing the business gift that will appeal to your customers and therefore finding the right advertising umbrella on sites like Maxilia. So what other criteria should you base your choice of an umbrella on?

What criteria should you consider when choosing your personalized umbrella?

First, ask yourself if you prefer a long or collapsible umbrella, with an automatic or manual opening system, and estimate the number of ribs needed. The rest then comes down to personal aesthetic preferences such as material, style and grip of the handle, ease of handling and finishes. To be well protected, favor a model with around 10 ribs. When faced with the wind, a well-stretched canvas is important. Finally, the aesthetic criteria depend on individual tastes. Umbrellas can be uniform, colorful, with patterns or ingenious shapes.

Always be ready to face the rain with smile !