Escape to the surroundings of Bastia

Many cruise ships stop over in the tourist port of Bastia, north-east of the island of Beauty. Built on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the city conceals many distractions for travelers in search of relaxation as of discovery. It is possible to reach Bastia by boat, as mentioned above, but also by plane and car. The bright and colorful houses are sure to delight your eyes, as will the local natural heritage which is impressive.

An exciting city

Bastia is full of interesting historical monuments, which have earned it the title of a city of art and history. The palace of the governors of Bastia is also one of the emblematic places of what was once a city. Built during the 14th century, it is from this palace that the city of your stay takes its name.

The Old Port district will allow you to feast on typical Corsican dishes, while enjoying a view of the charming and atypical port. Afterwards, you will be able to stroll through the shops to make various souvenir purchases. Place Saint-Nicolas is also a pleasant place where you can live for a few hours, to the rhythm of the locals, taking advantage of the terraces of cafes and small shops.

To see the city in a different light, nothing beats renting a car in Bastia to take a closer look at the fortifications of the citadel, erected in the 14th century. The architecture of this place is also worth a detour, take the time to stroll around the walls. Later, why not go to the ethnographic museum in the city? For lovers of architecture, the Sainte-Marie Cathedral seems an ideal place. If you later wish to relax for a few minutes, you have the particular choice between the Romieux gardens and Arinella beach.

Escape to the surroundings of Bastia

With your own automobile or a rental car, take advantage of the environmental riches that surround Bastia to experience a real change of scenery. The Etang de Biguglia nature reserve is full of plant and animal species that can be discovered on foot or by mountain bike. Many hiking trails start around the village of Furiani, which also offers an exceptional panorama of the pond.

In the heart of this renowned nature reserve, you will be able to enjoy a journey through time using the various historical remains that dot the mountains and valleys. This trip can continue if you go to the village of Murato, simple and authentic. Its church is famous for its Pisan Romanesque architecture.

Fans of different sports will be able to have a blast in the surroundings of Bastia. The cliffs welcome travelers in search of adrenaline with climbing and via ferrata routes. If water sports are your thing, go to the beaches of Grigione and Miomo to practice, among other things, sailing. Regular golfers will find what they are looking for near Marana beach.