Self-knowledge: what methods to better discover yourself?

Throughout our existence, we ask ourselves questions.It starts at a young age, continues through puberty, and then into our adulthood.The questions are always bigger and more varied.And since the quest for happiness is at the heart of all concerns, we often come to ask ourselves what we want to do; which leads to another problem, who are we really?It is perfectly normal to go through this stage in your life.However, in an increasingly stressful and demanding world, it can be useful to call on professionals or alternative practices to get to know yourself better.

Consult a self-knowledge professional

There are now many methods to learn to discover and understand each other better, especially in the workplace. Between the personal development conferences, the MBTI trainings, or even tailor-made support, you will be spoiled for choice.So many solutions to discover what type of personality you are and, consequently, which path to take or not to take in your career, or how to strengthen your capacity to lead it.The advantage of these training courses is that they are supervised by professionals, who will give you the tools essential to your progress, or even offer you various tests if you are still unsure of your choice of vocation.In addition, they can allow you to meet people like you, which will encourage you in your quest to know about yourself and show you that you are not the only one.

Meditation as a tool for personal development

Do you know about meditation?This practice, which comes to us from Asia, aims at observing oneself and one's emotions without judgment, in order to find inner peace and take a step back from everyday circumstances.Often recommended for people with depression and anxiety, it is also greatly encouraged on other occasions.In particular, it allows you to gain control over your feelings and aims to accept rather than blame them.The practice may be ideal for your quest for personal understanding, as it will offer you the opportunity to take stock of how you feel about one situation or another. meditation practice brings relaxation to work, which is not negligible for dealing with the stress of questioning and will give you the opportunity to think about your projects with a rested head.

Self-knowledge, quite a learning process

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to your questions, and it is absolutely normal to experience doubt and misunderstanding when it comes to our will to act; firstly because it takes a long time to know who you really are, and also because one of the qualities of being human is constant change.

Do you still have the same dreams and desires as when you were a child, for example? Probably not. And that is why professionals as well as researchers have made and continue to make various approaches available to all to approach this in a calm manner; now it's up to you to find the one that suits you the most. And when you are more confident, you can move on to turning to others.