New technologies for pets

In the age of smart homes and self-driving cars, it's no surprise that pets are also affected by the evolution of technology. If you don't yet know what to get your dog or cat for their next birthday, here are some ideas for high-tech devices designed for their health and well-being.

Fitness instructors

Now if the use of an anti-bark box is more for training than preventing nuisance barking, today's collars are much more complex and packed with technology. They are no longer only anti-fleas and ticks, but allow monitor your dog's physical activity. Indeed, this is a trend stemming from the enthusiasm of men for fitness tracking devices (eg connected watch).

The collars for monitoring your pet's physical activity are devices that synchronize with your smartphone. So you can monitor their fitness, set goals and track their progress.

Tracking devices and applications

Tracking devices and apps are a big trend. These are no more and no less than portable GPS devices allowing you to know where your dog or cat is from your computer or smartphone. It's handy so you never lose sight of it (so to speak). Some models can even alert you if your dog is straying from the limits you set.

Facial recognition

When it was thought that this technology was only dedicated to humans, it just so happens that it is also available for pets. There are applications of facial recognition that you can install on your Smartphone.

You take a first photo of your puppy in case he gets lost. Then, when you report it lost, the app contacts a number of organizations nationwide. If the person who finds your dog owns the app, they can take a photo. And thanks to Facial recognition, it can help you find your pet.

The surveillance

You wonder what your dog does all day while you are at work. With pet monitoring technology, there is no longer a hidden mystery. This type of device is a small camera that spies on the facts and gestures of your dog or cat. And with two-way interaction, you can talk to your pet.

Some devices allow you to make a videoconference with your companion, to have an overview of his activity thanks to a webcam mounted on his collar.

Food and water distributors

Perhaps the most interesting technology for pets is the distribution of kibble and water. There are some for cats and dogs. During your days at the office, you don't have to worry about meals of your pet.

Some models are equipped with a camera and connected to the Internet so you can see on your Smartphone whether your dog or cat is hungry or thirsty. This allows the animal to have its meal ration at set times, but of course, thanks to your remote control.