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Faac remote control buying guide

The installation of automatic opening systems for a house contributes greatly to its comfort as well as its practicality. Indeed, the automatic opening and closing of the various accesses to a building greatly facilitates their use as well as their management. The motorization of shutters, gates, entrance doors and metal curtains of a building allows their operation to be centralized. As a result, it will no longer be necessary to go to each of these elements to close or open them. All it takes is the push of a switch.

However, there is an essential accessory for the various automatic systems for opening access to a building. This is the remote control. Whether for professional premises or a private residence, the remote control of motorized opening systems will bring another dimension to them in terms of comfort and practicality of use. An overview of the characteristics to be taken into account when purchasing this accessory is therefore essential in order to be able to compare and test the different models of FAAC remote controls available on the market.

The different types of FAAC remote controls

FAAC remote controls are available in two main types. Namely, those sold with the automation kits and those sold separately. The FAAC remote controls supplied with the automation kits of the same brand are interesting as you will not have to worry about their compatibility with the motor of your automatic opening system. If you want to replace the motorization of the automatic system for opening one of the entrances to your house or if you have not yet motorized it, an automation kit supplied with a FAAC remote control is a better choice. .

If you already have motorized access to the various entrances to your house, purchasing a FAAC remote control sold individually is an excellent alternative. Tests and comparisons, however, have shown that buying an individual FAAC remote control cannot be improvised. Indeed, several parameters must be taken into account when purchasing it so that the remote control corresponds to your needs, but especially to your automatic opening systems.

The frequency of an FAAC remote control

The first characteristic to check when buying an FAAC remote control is its frequency.This must be the same as that of the receiver of the automatic opening system that you intend to use with the remote control.There are 3 types of FAAC remote controls when it comes to frequencies.The first is at quarters.These remote controls emit on a frequency between 15 and 50 Mhz.The second type of FAAC remote control are those with free frequency.They transmit on a frequency between 230 and 500 Mhz.Finally, the last type of FAAC remote control in terms of frequency are those with European frequency.They emit on a frequency between 433.92 and 868.35 MHz.

The coding system of a FAAC remote control

The second characteristic to take into account when choosing the best FAAC remote control is its coding system. While the frequency of the remote control guarantees its compatibility with the automatic opening system you will use with it, its coding system will determine the practicality of its programming. There are two types of coding or programming systems for FAAC remote controls. Namely: the one with rolling code programming and the one with fixed code programming.

Rolling code programming remote controls are commonly called self-learning programming remote controls. The FAAC self-learning remote control remote control has the particularity of emitting a different code each time the button is pressed. Tests and comparisons have shown that this is a real advantage in terms of practicality and comfort of use. This feature makes it possible to control several systems without having to change the remote control. Fixed code remote controls (or by switch) always emit the same signal or binary code on which it was programmed.

The buttons of a FAAC remote control

The third criterion to consider when choosing the best FAAC remote control is the number and color of the buttons it includes.A greater number of buttons will provide more options for the use of the remote control, especially with regard to the actions it will allow to be done:opening, closing, stopping, programming, ... The different colors of the buttons are particularly useful for recognizing the frequency on which the remote control transmits, thus allowing better identification of the opening system on which it operates.This is particularly useful if you use several FAAC remote controls or a single one to control different opening systems.

The number of channels and the range of a FAAC remote control

The fourth criterion for choosing a FAAC remote control is its number of channels, especially if you intend to use a single remote control to control several opening systems. The best FAAC remotes have 4 channels. This allows you to set the remote control to 4 different frequencies used to control different automatic opening systems.

The last criterion for choosing a FAAC remote control is its range. Tests and comparisons have shown that choosing an FAAC remote control with a range of at least 100 meters is a better choice.

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