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Difficult to make a choice for your new Floor Fan? We wrote this Special Pedestal Fan buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we went out of our way to help you choose the best Floor Fan!

Our selection of pedestal fan

Pedestal fan buying guide

In the hottest of summer, Floor Fan is a more than appreciable solution for airing and ventilating a room. Face a multitude of references and brands of pedestal fans available in the market, it is easy to get lost. With this buying guide and our comparison, you will find the elements to consider as well as the advice to acquire a quality floor fan.

The technical characteristics of the pedestal fan

The pedestal fan is part of the category of mobile cooling devices. Indeed, unlike fixed fans such as the ceiling fan or the wall fan which simply circulates the air, the standing fan adds oscillation horizontal and vertical to cover a larger area.

the adjustable height of the fan foot This is what differentiates this model from table fans or table fans. This foot allows them to pivot to the desired height and is highly recommended for those who want a booster fan, but do not have a support cabinet. At the base, a massive and wide support gives it good stability. In addition to Adjustable height, horizontal or vertical oscillation allows the fan to be tilted according to your needs.

It is better to have the night function and the automatic shutdown function on walking models, as tests indicate better fuel performance. These functions may be necessary in particular to avoid oversights and to save even the smallest watt by limiting its use.

The different models of pedestal fans

  • Quiet pedestal fan

The discretion of this type of fan is essential especially if it is to be used daily. The best models have a "silent mode" button on their control panel.

  • Powerful pedestal fan

the brewing power and the fan air flow are certainly the most requested criteria after the silent mode. It should be noted that a powerful model can offer a personalized air cooling. On the other hand, most powerful models are a bit louder than average.

  • 3 in 1 humidifier fan

A multifunction device is more likely to please the consumer, because he can ventilate, cool and humidify the air on command. The most efficient models have, for example, a water tank of 2 to 3 liters for 15 hours of operation.

Selection criteria

  • Air flow

Power is an important criterion for selecting the best standing fan. In a comparison, the engine power is often specified by the manufacturer. It can vary from 35 to 150 Watts. This power determines the airflow of each prototype. The most powerful prototype on the market can brew between 150m3 at 350m3 of air per minute. You need to know this airflow setting to buy a model that will cool a room's ambient temperature fairly quickly. At speed 1, the entry-level versions have a flow rate of around 40m3/ min.

  • The noise

the Turbo Silence technology equips the most recent models and allows to obtain powerful fans, but very quiet. For a model to be placed in a quiet room, such as a bedroom, for example, its noise level must be less than 45dB. To spend quiet nights, the acceptable threshold is 60dB. The noise tolerance threshold, however, varies from person to person, hence the importance of doing a sound level test.

  • Maneuverability

Because of its adjustable foot, the pedestal fan takes up a bit more space than the table fan. However, this foot is removable which makes it easier to transport it from one room to another.

  • The shape, size and number of blades

the aerodynamic shape is by far the most suitable for obtaining optimal air flow with an air flow that covers the entire surface of the room where the appliance is located. The blades, 3, 4 or 5 in number, can be between 35 and 40 cm in diameter.

  • Design

Depending on the range, the ergonomic fan design can turn out to be more or less elegant. The finishes will also play a role on this material which will integrate your interior decoration. The blades are trapped behind a circular mesh cage for the aesthetic side of course, but also for home security.

  • The orders

Of control panels are fitted to the fans, making it possible to select the fan speed, the automatic switch-off time, the "Turbo boost" button. More practical, the remote control is an option more and more present on recent versions. Floor fans also adapt to consumers' lifestyles by allowing them, for example, programming or remote triggering.

The advantages of the pedestal fan

So-called pedestal fan models are popular with consumers for many reasons. Indeed, they have the following advantages:


One of the strengths of a ventilator, whether it is standing or another model, is Practicality. This equipment does not require substantial installation work. Just plug it into the mains to enjoy it.


A pedestal fan is a mobile device. It is possible to move it to enjoy it in any room of the house. On some models, small wheels are even installed to further facilitate their mobility.

The settings

To make everyday life easier, current pedestal ventilator references are adjustable in height remotely. This allows you to meet all your needs and avoids you having to travel to access the controls. All you need to do is use the remote control to turn on, adjust the position and power of the device. It is also possible to adjust the orientation of the blade cage to your liking or put the device in "rotary" mode so that it can ventilate the entire room.

The price

The pedestal fan is the oldest model of ventilation equipment. Today there are many newer and more sophisticated aeration equipment available than it. This makes it today a product whose price is accessible to all budgets, without losing its effectiveness.


The pedestal fan has been used in many interiors for a long time. Its general appearance has not changed, although recent models benefit from a few modernization touches. Either way, it was found that the pedestal fan is suitable for all decorations, modern, classic or vintage. It fits naturally into every room of the house.


Pedestal fans today have options beyond their basic functionality. On some models, manufacturers equip their products with a deodorant system, mosquito repellent, or even an air fogger. This helps improve the comfort and well-being of users and even rivals models of air conditioners.

Use of a pedestal fan

Once you have found the best pedestal fan for your needs, now you need to know how to use it. In general, this type of device is Easy to learn. However, it is important to know its use in great detail to avoid mishandling or accidents. To do this, consult the instructions supplied with the product. It contains the steps to start up the device, details on features, precautions for use and explanations of the various components. Note that it is recommended to keep the user guide in order to resolve any future concerns.

Adjust the air flow of the pedestal fan

For adjust the air flow which emerges from the pedestal fan, the power of the motor with which it is fitted must be adjusted. This setting is accessible via the device controls. Note that the airflow per minute is the speed at which the blades operate. It's up to everyone to find the arrangement that suits them best in order to refresh a room. Just adjust this air flow accordingly. Typically, pedestal fan models offer four operating speeds.

Make the correct adjustment

The different options What a pedestal fan offers will vary depending on the make and model you have chosen. All these features are adjustable according to your needs. Know how to adapt and handle your device to meet your requirements. You can even adjust the aerodynamics of your pedestal fan by orienting it either vertically or horizontally.

Oscillate the pedestal fan

The machine is also equipped with an adjustment function that allows you toadjust oscillation of it. This button is usually located above the engine. To optimize your comfort, you can also adjust the height of the device, as well as its inclination via a mechanism located on the back of the object.

Maintaining a pedestal fan

For the proper functioning and durability of your pedestal fan, it is necessary to maintain it on a regular basis. To do this, it is necessary to unplug it at the risk of injury in the event of improper handling. You must then detach the grille using a screwdriver or by removing the retaining clips with your hands, depending on the reference chosen. In case the blades are infested with dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner by opting for a small brush as a nozzle to clean everything.

If you can't get through the dirt despite this, take a sponge, Marseille soap and a little lukewarm water to wash each of the slides. Then remember to wipe everything down with a soft cloth. Make sure everything is completely dry before replacing the grid. For hard-to-reach places, you can use a brush with long, stiff bristles to clean your pedestal fan.

For dusting of the blades, it is also advisable to use a duster if you have one. Finally, remember to clean the base of your device on a regular basis, especially before and after a long period of non-use, such as before and after the winter season for example.

Optimize the effect of the standing fan

Note that a basic pedestal fan model does not produce cold air like an air conditioner would. It simply stirs the air and facilitates its renewal to create a feeling of freshness and comfort in an interior. However, in really hot weather, such as heatwaves, this basic functionality of a pedestal fan is not enough to relieve the feeling of discomfort. Thereby, use some tricks is required for boost the use of your equipment.

Hang a wet sheet in front of the pedestal fan

In the event of a heat wave and you want to multiply the sensations of freshness provided by your pedestal fan, you can quite simply hang up a wet sheet in front of it so that the evaporating water can capture the heat. The device will then begin to distribute much cooler air. As another alternative if you don't have a damp cloth to place in front of the appliance, instead grab a bottle of frozen water or a bucket full of ice cubes that you place in front of the fan.

Choosing the right pedestal fan power

For optimal freshness, it is important to know how to choose a pedestal fan that has sufficient power. For one person, the suitable power is 20 m3 per minute. To cool an entire room from 20 m2 to 30 m2, a minimum power of 100 m3 per minute is recommended.

Bet on a misting fan

Some models of pedestal fan are equipped with a water tank so that the device can be transformed into fogger when necessary. In the event of high heat, simply activate this option for the fan to start diffusing water droplets which will humidify the ambient air and thus make it cooler. This type of fan can be used both indoors and outdoors, such as on a terrace or balcony for example.

Knowing how to place the fan on a stand

For a pedestal fan to be fully functional, you need to know how to place it wisely. In order to derive maximum benefit, it is necessary to ensure that the device can promote continuous air renewal. This is done by placing the pedestal fan in front of an opening, such as a door or window. Thus, the hot air is evacuated. Conversely, have other doors or windows open on the other side of the room to bring in fresh air.

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