Top 10 Best Faac Gate Motor 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Faac Gate Motor? We wrote this Faac Portal Motor special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Faac Gate Motor!

Our selection of faac portal motor

Faac portal engine buying guide

By decorating your gate with better Faac gate motor, you ensure the automatic opening and closing of the latter remotely using a key, a remote control or a badge. Thanks to a test or one Comparative, you can differentiate the systems compatible with swing or sliding gates. However, many criteria must be taken into account in order to make the right choice at the time of purchase.

Which engine for which portal?

The choice of the new Faac portal engine on the Comparative will in fact be determined by the type of gate you wish to motorize. Motor compatibility will depend on the weight, size and location of the gate. A PVC gate, for example, does not favor a fastening resistant to the motorization.

Before focusing on the characteristics of each Faac gate motor model, first ask yourself about the speed, cadence and the different remote control models. Also take the time to check the measurements of your gate, as the size will greatly influence your choice. You can then sort it according to the type of portal you have installed.

A two-leaf gate

If it is a two-leaf gate, two systems should be favored: arm and cylinder motorization. By choosing the better Faac gate motor with cylinder, you will rely more on a discreet and compact system. Offering a slower maneuver, the actuator motor can be installed on a post, a wall perpendicular to the gate or in an extension of the gate. Also remember that this type of engine requires strong fasteners. The better Faac arm gate motor certainly remains the fastest system, but also the most imposing. Adapting to all types of gates, this model requires fewer fixings.

In either case, the installation does not require professional intervention. The choice at the time of Comparative will nevertheless be determined by the speed and direction of opening of your gate (inward or outward), the weight that will set the power required (12, 24, 220 or 230 V) and the number of cycles.

A sliding gate

The Faac gate motor for a sliding gate allows the gate to slide sideways (from left to right or vice versa). At the time of test, always pay attention to the weight and length of your gate. These two criteria will in fact determine the force that the motor must exert when opening and closing the gate. This will also prevent rebounds and deformation of the leaf once the system is in operation.

There are many models for swing gates. On the sites of Comparative, you will find arm, cylinder, integrated, wheel or buried motors. The choice of model will be defined according to the price, the aesthetics and the various characteristics of the latter. However, don't forget to pay attention to other details to keep your engine running smoothly. On the one hand, check that the device takes into account the length of your joinery.

If you want to prevent your gate from opening completely, you can opt for a model with a "pedestrian opening" function. Also pay attention to the transmission carried out by rack. When choosing a metal gear motor, lubrication is essential. If your gate is not too heavy, you can opt for a nylon gear. By choosing a metal or plastic transmission, the noise will be considerably reduced when maneuvering.

Whatever your choice for your sliding gate (cylinder, integrated, wheel, etc.), also make sure that the Faac gate motor remains rigid without losing flexibility. The latter will thus be able to better absorb the obstacles that arise in the path of the gate. To keep the engine running smoothly, pay more attention to the shape of your rail. Round shaped rails protrude more from the ground, and square shaped rails are poor weather resistant. Perfectly robust, a triangular rail is recommended especially on an uneven surface.  

Which release system to choose?

The release system allows you to open and close your gate manually in the event of a power failure. The best Faac portal motors available on the websites of Comparative are generally equipped with a clutch system that will be used to separate the engine and the transmission.

Easy to install, the 230 V release system is essential in the event of a power cut. By choosing a 12 or 24 V clutch release system at the time of test, you can continue to use your engine which, in the event of a power cut, will operate using a back-up battery. The charge regulation can also be provided by a 230 V charger.

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