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Difficult to make a choice for your new Intex Inflatable Mattress? We wrote this Intex Inflatable Mattress Buying Guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Intex Inflatable Mattress!

Our selection of intex inflatable mattresses

Intex inflatable mattress buying guide

Recognized for the quality of its inflatable beds or inflatable chair, the Intex brand also owes its reputation to its wide range of inflatable mattresses. Either it's about camping mattress, extra mattress, pool mattress, or box spring mattress, use our Intex mattress buying guide, as well as our Top 10 Best Intex Inflatable Mattress, to find the best Intex inflatable mattress. We developed them after numerous tests and comparisons.

Why use an Intex inflatable mattress?

There are many reasons why buying an Intex inflatable mattress is a good investment.

An extra mattress for the guests

An Intex inflatable mattress is great when you frequently entertain friends or family from far away. You can make their nights comfortable with this improvised "bed" mattress. It can be of great help when you do not have an extra bed.

It is more comfortable to sleep on a Air mattresseven if it is thin. It’s always better than feeling the cold ground. If you don't have a room for your friends or family, it's easy to set up.

Basically, this is a back-up solution providing most of the comfort for guests.

A cheap mattress

Unless you're willing to invest thousands of dollars in a foam mattress to double as an extra bed, Intex inflatable mattresses are your best bet. They are ideally suited for outdoor activities, camping, travel and even occasional guests. In addition, they are not expensive.

However, an inflatable mattress is not just a solution for just a few nights. You can use one in your bed as a permanent sleep mattress. To do this, do not hesitate to choose one among the high-end and high-quality models that offer multiple comfort settings.

Usually, an Intex air mattress is an alternative to other types of air mattresses for nomads moving from one dorm to another. Mid-range models are suitable for frequent use. They withstand frequent deflation and inflation.

A comfortable mattress

If you have back problems when you fall asleep at night, you could get it and have insomnia. In more cases, it happens that the mattress is the main cause. Many studies show that the wrong choice of mattress can lead to back problems.

Many experts and doctors rely on the comfort and support provided by an air mattress. In other words, an Intex inflatable mattress can be a solution to a back problem. As it was said before, there are models with an adjustable firmness for a perfect adaptation to user needs.

Intex inflatable mattresses can be adapted to all body types and sizes. You can easily find a model that meets your expectations, and especially your needs for support during your sleep. Some Intex air mattresses are covered with a layer of microfiber flocked on top to provide a soft touch and optimal comfort.

This is one of the reasons many people use an Intex inflatable mattress permanently. There is no need to invest in a very expensive memory foam mattress when you can have the same comfort with an air mattress.

If you are looking for maximum comfort and support, invest in a good Intex inflatable mattress with adjustable firmness. By turning to a mid-range model, it may lose its comfort over inflation and deflation.

A correction mattress

Today there are many who suffer from back pain and disorders related to the spine. It’s all the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. If you too have back problems, an Intex inflatable mattress can help reduce pain sensations.

An Intex inflatable mattress is much better than a traditional mattress. First of all, it is inflatable, and therefore, its firmness can be adjusted at will. Indeed, all Intex air mattresses come with a pump. It can be either external or integrated into the mattress. With this device, you can adjust the pressure and adjust the contact area with your back according to your need for comfort. An Intex inflatable mattress is a mattress that can be adapted to all body types, sizes and weights.

Much research has shown the importance of the surface area of ??an inflatable mattress which greatly influences the process of healing of some back problems. In other words, if you have back concerns, don't hesitate to buy an Intex inflatable mattress.

A transportable mattress

If every year you go on vacation to a destination with a fairly rustic accommodation setting, or you just go camping, invest in an Intex inflatable mattress. The most complete models of the brand offer you practicality. It only takes a few minutes to deflate your mattress and roll it up for transport.

Many models of Intex inflatable mattresses are designed for travelers and campers. If you need to use one during your outings in the middle of the forest, you can perfectly choose an Intex air mattress. You can find one in singles or doubles.

If you camp regularly, you may be aware that small air beds are thin and light. They require a external pump, unlike an Intex inflatable mattress with an internal pump. Plus, they have a foam layer on the inside which can be handy for quickly getting a well-inflated mattress. But, these ultraportable air cushions don't offer the same comfort as a real air mattress.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an Intex inflatable mattress?


Adjustable firmness

One of the main strengths of an Intex inflatable mattress is that its firmness can be adjusted at will with the built-in pump, or alternatively with an external pump supplied. Usually there are presets or instructions that allow you to adjust the pressure on different closures : soft, medium or firm. It all comes down to the amount of air.

Back pain remedy

Often, mattresses developed for back support are the models recommended by doctors for back problems. But, Intex inflatable mattresses with adjustable firmness can also provide what these medical mattresses have.

During the first night, you might not find the best comfort you are looking for to support your back problem. But as you experiment, you'll quickly find a pressure level that suits your needs.


The PVC used in the manufacture of Intex inflatable mattresses is designed not to release any unpleasant smell. This is indeed a recurring problem with new memory foam mattresses coming out of the factory. PVC foam gives off a strong odor, which is sometimes unbearable.


PVC in Intex air mattresses is a material that has been designed not to sag quickly. Thus, their lifespan is longer than that of conventional mattresses.

Rapid inflation

Inflation of an Intex air mattress takes on average only 3 to 5 minutes depending on the desired firmness.


There is a whole range of Intex inflatable mattresses to suit all budgets.


Potential occurrence of noise

On some models, the pump can be noisy at times, especially mid-range Intex air mattresses.

Possible pump failure

The pump of an Intex inflatable mattress is a mechanical device. It can break down at any time, but easy to replace.

Buying Guide: How Do I Pick the Best Intex Inflatable Mattress?

To simplify your Intex inflatable mattress purchase process, we've put together a list of criteria to consider.


The size is one of the decisive criteria of choice, in terms of Intex inflatable mattress. You have the choice between a double inflatable mattress, a single inflatable mattress, or a child inflatable mattress. A double inflatable mattress is undoubtedly the guarantee of a optimal comfort and more than restful sleep. A single inflatable mattress is perfect to double as an extra mattress in your guest room.

The space you have available to accommodate the inflatable extra mattress should also be taken into account when purchasing a mattress. You will mainly refer to the size that your Intex mattress will occupy when inflated. After use, you will deflate your inflatable bed to put it in the cupboard, in a storage bag. Better yet, the Intex inflatable mattress is available in a modular model. Depending on the space available, you can then inflate it differently, depending on whether you want a double inflatable mattress or a single inflatable mattress.

The bottom

If you are thinking of using your Intex inflatable bed while camping, check the bottom. Prefer especially an Intex mattress with a vinyl or PVC bottom for you protect against the risk of punctures.

The coating

The covering of your inflatable mattress is also one of the selection criteria to take into account when purchasing a mattress. The Intex brand offers inflatable bed models coated with laminated cotton or suede, guaranteeing optimal comfort and a feeling of softness that will enhance your night's sleep.

The thickness

Your Intex inflatable mattress is also available in various thicknesses, ranging from 20 cm to 50 cm. At the end of our tests, we especially recommend a 46 cm thick Intex mattress. You will then have no trouble standing up in the morning after a decidedly Intex night.

The accessories

Depending on the model you have chosen, your Intex inflatable mattress may be delivered with a whole set of practical accessories. For example, purchasing an entry-level mattress will give you the right to a storage bag. A mid-range Intex mattress will be delivered with a inflatable pillow. Finally, an inflator will accompany your high-end Intex inflatable mattress.

How to choose the best Intex inflatable mattress?

To find the best Intex inflatable bed, we recommend that you check the valve, and more specifically the type of inflator to use.

Manual pump

The popularity of a mattress-bed that inflates with a manual pump (foot or hand) is mainly due to its affordable price. In contrast, inflating a double inflatable mattress can be tedious.

Electric pump

An Intex inflatable bed adapted to an electric pump saves significant time. The inflator will take a maximum of 5 minutes to set up your double inflatable mattress.

Why choose an electric inflatable mattress?

Intex electric inflatable mattresses are gaining more and more popularity, especially among camping and trekking enthusiasts. This trend can be explained by the integrated inflator, sparing them the tedious task of inflating their electric inflatable bed. Other strengths of the inflatable electric mattress may also interest you.

Battery operated inflator

An Intex electric mattress is available in models equipped with an inflator suitable for a power outlet, as well as in models with an integrated battery operated inflator. This second equips especially camping mattresses or swimming pool mattresses.


Also remember to choose your Intex electric inflatable mattress according to the flocking that adorns the upper part. Honeycomb flocking is found to be beneficial for the back. An inflatable bed adorned with horizontal linear flocking is also very comfortable. Finally, the craze for vertical linear flocking is mainly explained by the optimal aesthetic rendering of the Intex inflatable mattress.

Integrated headrest and pillow

An Intex inflatable mattress with a headrest also reveals their usefulness for models dedicated to camping. Indeed, this rising part acts as a replacement for an inflatable pillow. Its inclination is perfectly designed for guarantee your comfort. Otherwise, many inflatable electric mattresses also have a built-in pillow.

A revolution by Intex

In 2014, the Intex brand stood out from the crowd by offering inflatable mattresses embellished with revolutionary fibers called Fiber Tech. Guaranteeing optimal comfort, they also ensure worry-free and long-lasting use of your Intex inflatable mattress.

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