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Difficult to make a choice for your new Reversible Mobile Air Conditioner? We wrote this Special buying guide Reversible Mobile Air Conditioner to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Reversible Mobile Air Conditioner!

Our selection of reversible mobile air conditioners

Reversible mobile air conditioner buying guide

Avoid the heat of summer and even less the harshness of the cold of winter, it is possible thanks to the same device: the Reversible Mobile Air Conditioner. It is a device that offers several advantages, including that of allowing you to live in a comfortable environment in terms of air conditioning, while amortizing energy costs. If you are going to buy the best Reversible Mobile Air Conditioner possible, you need to know the basics to make a comparison; and this guide will be very useful to you.

The reversible portable air conditioner, what is it?

Also called portable air conditioner, the Reversible Mobile Air Conditioner is an air conditioning unit, the installation of which does not require work in most cases. In fact, you just need to take the device out of its packaging and plug it into a power outlet for it to start working. In summer, it will be able to produce cool air to cool a room and thus make the heat bearable, and in winter, it will produce warm air.

In other words, it is a machine that can easily double as a high performance backup heater. This is possible insofar as a reversible mobile air conditioner can be moved as desired. It can be taken from one room to another, as well as from the ground floor to the second floor. Some models are even equipped with casters in order to facilitate this maneuver.

The different types of reversible mobile air conditioners

There are two types of reversible portable air conditioners. You should know them for a comparison of their respective characteristics or to do a test before purchasing. There are therefore the so-called monobloc models and the splits.

The monobloc reversible mobile air conditioner

Monobloc models are portable air conditioners that feature a compact appearance, as their name suggests.They are very easy to use, in addition to being easily transportable.That said, be careful with their weight already when buying.Some can weigh over 30 kg.In the case of this compact device, the condenser and evaporator are all included in the same compartment, which is not quite the case with the split.On the other hand, the hot air produced in the process of cooling your space is expelled through a flexible pipe embedded in a hole in a wall.It can also be done through the window.

The reversible mobile split air conditioner

Conversely, in the case of a reversible mobile air conditioning split, the condenser is placed outside the room to be heated. It is connected to the evaporator by means of a flexible pipe. In other words, the split model comes in two blocks. But it does not stop there, because know that you can install several indoor units depending on the model you choose. All of its units will be connected to the outdoor unit by means of refrigeration connection ducts. Its main advantages are a reduced sound level, discretion and a small footprint as well as more substantial energy performance.

Some details on reversibility

To explain more about the operation of this type of air conditioner, we will give you some principles of its operation.

In summer

Concretely, in the case of a mobile split air conditioner, the outdoor unit will reject the air recovered in the dwelling outside it. The indoor unit will provide fresh air. In the case of a monobloc mobile air conditioner, the operation is the same without having an outdoor unit. In fact, the hot air will be rejected through the dedicated exhaust pipe.

In winter

For the winter period, the operation is the reverse of that which is established in winter. The outdoor unit takes air that will be heated before being released inside your home. The same is true for the one-piece models except that it is the flexible pipe that will function as an outdoor unit.

The advantages of the reversible mobile air conditioner

There are many advantages to getting a Reversible Mobile Air Conditioner. Mobility is the first advantage that one has, by making use of this device. Apart from mobility, by purchasing a Reversible Mobile Air Conditioner, you benefit from two services in one product. These are air conditioners capable of being used in winter as in summer.

More concretely, it is an air conditioning system that works both as a thermodynamic heater and as an air-to-air heat pump. During the winter seasons, it will allow you to save as much as 50 % of energy. In addition to this, it should be noted that reversible portable air conditioners are much more efficient than fans. They are not loud. It should therefore be noted that certain models are equipped with the silent function. This type of silent mobile air conditioner is very practical especially at night.

They are very economical equipment, much more than conventional air conditioners, although high-end portable air conditioners are estimated to be more expensive. Finally, it should be noted that this type of device consumes a lot as soon as it is switched on. However, as soon as the ideal temperature is reached, the level of consumption drops considerably.

How to choose a reversible portable air conditioner?

If you plan to purchase the best reversible mobile air conditioner, there are a few important criteria you need to consider.

The size of the space

If you intend to use it in a large room, it goes without saying that you will need a device capable of generating a lot of power. If the appliance is weak, it may well be that during the winter you will have to light your fireplace, or buy a new heater. Power is expressed in BTUs. 9000 BTUs are adequate for 25 m².

Energy consumption, an important criterion

Even if we know that for more efficiency, it is obvious that the device will have to consume more energy, it would be inconceivable to end up with an air conditioner that we will want to get rid of because of its very high level. of consumption. The energy consumption is noted from A to G. The letter A designates the most important level of energy performance. In other words, the more you choose an air conditioner of energy class A, the more the bill on your electricity bill will be minimal.

The sound aspect

This criterion remains an important element if you intend to use the device during the night. As a guide, it is best to choose devices with a sound emission level below 50 dB. Also, you can check whether your choice offers the silent function.

The coefficient of performance or COP

The coefficient of performance is the ratio between the cooling capacity and the electrical energy consumed by the device. In order to keep things simple, we are not going to go through complicated calculations. However, we can say that since the value of the COP is high, your mobile air conditioning will be efficient.

The other criteria

Other criteria exist, especially with regard to the features available depending on the models. Depending on your budget, you can choose an air conditioning system that has all, or at least, one of these options.

  • Dehumidification
  • Some models of portable reversible air conditioner have a dehumidifier. This feature is mostly available for mid and high range air conditioning. It therefore consists in dehumidifying the ambient air while cooling your home. Some models will allow you to use only this function which is expressed in liters / hour.

  • The timer
  • The timer will allow you to set your air conditioner to turn off after a set time. You will not have to intervene in this case.

  • The thermostat
  • With the thermostat, the device will automatically turn off when a pre-set temperature is reached. In addition to preventing your air conditioner from breaking down due to uninterrupted use, this feature will save you energy. For some models, it is possible to define a restart when the ambient temperature drops or rises again.

  • The ionizer
  • The ionizer is a feature that allows the device to purify the air in your home. Concretely, the air conditioner will generate negative ions which will capture the positive ions present in abundance in impurities such as dust for example. The latter will therefore be negatively charged, which will force the positive ions, which have become heavier, to stick to the ground.

  • Filters
  • You should know that some models of reversible mobile air conditioning has various filters. We can especially talk about the activated carbon filter and the electrostatic filter. In addition to the standard filter, these will work to provide healthier indoor air. Indeed, the activated carbon will eliminate possible bad odors in your house. Regarding the electrostatic filter, it will minimize the diffusion of dust or bacteria.

  • The remote control
  • The remote control is no longer to present. It will allow you to benefit from optimized comfort of use. You can therefore control your air conditioning unit remotely with it.

    You must also take into account the weight of the device. If you plan to move it regularly, choose a model that will take this aspect into account.

    Finally, as much as possible, ask to do a little test of the product before making the final choice.

    Maintenance of your reversible air conditioning

    Since you now know how to choose the best reversible portable air conditioner, and you generally won't have a problem using it, you should know how to maintain it. You should therefore know that this type of device requires regular maintenance. Indeed, a dirty filter for example can cause an overconsumption of energy and will seriously damage your device.

    Moreover, an interview is not only useful, but it is also, in some cases, mandatory. This is to ensure the performance and durability of the device. Be aware that its operating condition will condition the quality of the air in your home.

    The interview: when and how often?

    The frequency of maintenance of your reversible portable air conditioner depends on the model you have purchased. This information is in any case in the user manual provided at the time of purchase. However, some portable air conditioner models have an indicator light that will come on when the filters need cleaning. In this kind of case, do not waste time, clean them!

    However, in most cases a filter must be cleaned. every two to three weeks of use. Filters that purify the air should be cleaned every three months. As for the deodorant, you will clean it every two to three years. Note that on your side, maintenance usually comes down to cleaning filters and dusting. More complex manipulations must be carried out by a professional.

    How to clean your reversible mobile air conditioner?

    As already mentioned above, the steps for cleaning your mobile air conditioning should be specified in the manual. In general, however, here is the procedure:

    1. Switch off the device
    2. Open it, remove the filters and dust them off
    3. Clean them with soapy water (you may use a sponge for this
    4. Rinse them and let them dry before putting them back
    5. In case it is a split model, remove any debris that may interfere with the operation of the outdoor unit
    6. If necessary, clean the units with a damp cloth

    In which cases, should you call in a professional?

    Be aware that you will need to call in an air conditioning specialist or a refrigeration engineer in the following cases:

    • The refrigerant in the device exceeds 2 kg: a professional is therefore necessary to check the tightness of your air conditioning.
    • The refrigerant is more than 3 kg: the specialist should check all the equipment once a year. Note that an annual control register with a validity of 5 years is required for a device of this type. This document must be signed by both parties (professional and user) at each intervention.
    • Failure or deterioration of components such as flexible ducts for example.

    Finally, be aware that when you use a device containing 2 kg of refrigerant, it is wise to take out an annual maintenance contract. You will benefit from various advantages such as verification and expertise of your entire installation.

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