Massage chair: what are the advantages for a company?

Many employers opt for massage therapy at the workplace to manage stress in their own workspace because it is quick, convenient and affordable. A good massage chair provides a feeling of comfort, relaxation and stress in people. And for workers who are under stressful working hours, this massage chair will likely be a good investment for a company to provide moments of relaxation and relaxation for its employees.

Requires little space

Considering its size, a massage chair can be installed in a small cabin or conference room. If the company has a recreation or recreation area for employees, this is also the ideal space to place it. Indeed, the use of this type of seat should be regulated to ensure compliance with the equipment. In this way, the investment will pay off and contribute to the health and well-being of employees throughout their service.

Improves employee health

This relaxation chair, like any other massage technique, reduces stiffness and muscle tension, especially in the back, neck and shoulders. Research shows that long-term massage can improve posture, lower blood pressure, and relieve arthritis. With increased energy, employees are better able to concentrate on their work.

Improves well-being and mood

Stress in the workplace has many negative effects on the health of employees and companies face high absenteeism rates. In addition, stress makes people irritating and in a bad mood. The massage chair is very useful for calming people down, because when they relax, they are more willing to cooperate with each other, and don't even care about overtime when they are in a good mood, as they consider that the company cares about their mental and physical health.

Increase productivity

Even though each worker is only entitled to a very short massage session, the work pace of employees can be greatly improved, as long as it eliminates fatigue and increases body energy.When a worker is relaxed, they are more inclined to be creative, motivated and productive.And the best part is that when you reduce stress and tension, other health problems go hand in hand.It is for this reason that companies that have been encouraged to incorporate the massage chair to ensure the well-being of their employees.Indeed, many have noticed the big difference, ranging from absenteeism to a huge, long-term improvement in productivity.

Available in several models

Relax chair, lift chair, shiatsu massage chair, heated massage chair, office chair with massage function, etc., there are many models on the market to meet different needs and treatment methods. While the heated models radiate soothing heat to optimize the feeling of relaxation and relaxation during a session, other seats with vibration function provide complete massage therapy.