IT freelancers: why opt for wage portage?

If you work in the IT field as a freelance, you are aware that the option of salary portage is to be considered. Indeed, this status offers many advantages, whether you are an application developer, coder, webmaster, CIO, information systems auditor, technical consultant, etc. As a self-employed professional, you can enjoy both a degree of security and a great deal of freedom. So see in more detail some good reasons to opt for IT portage.

A wide range of missions

In general, a self-employed person struggles to find assignments and find clients, especially if they are just starting out. But a consultant in wage portage rarely experiences this type of difficulty. On the contrary, he is spoiled for choice, especially if he works in the IT industry. Indeed, companies are increasingly favoring wage portage over other statuses to guarantee the level of expertise, security of interventions, ease of hiring, etc. To learn more about its operation, you can consult this complete guide to wage portage. The latter is beneficial for the worker, for the client and for the PEO company for many reasons.

Simplified procedures

Wage portage allows faster, simpler and more secure procedures. Indeed, most of the formalities are taken care of by the wage portage company. As an IT consultant, you only care about carrying out the assignments of your choice. The portage worker also does not have to worry about overdue payments, as his salary is paid automatically at the end of the month even if a late payment from a client arises. To estimate your future salary in wage portage, you can perform a simulation here.

A secure working environment

The fear of every entrepreneur is the insecurity of the working environment. In fact, contracts are not always stable and illnesses or other unforeseen events are never to be ruled out. With wage portage, this constant pressure is no longer necessary. Indeed, this status offers the security of the employee status, that is to say a guaranteed monthly salary, with the freedom of the freelance. Also, the supported consultant benefits from full social protection, unemployment insurance, RCP insurance, etc.

A network of experts

Freelancers enjoy many advantages, but it is known that they often find themselves without a social life.This work environment can be fun at first to better enjoy family life and take better care of yourself, but in the long run it is conducive to depression and burnout.Wage portage offers an excellent balance between freelance life and employee life.Indeed, a supported employee is free, but always finds himself surrounded by other consultants.He is thus extending his network of experts to gain access to other missions, to broaden his skills, but also quite simply to have a social life outside of the family.The supported employee builds interesting professional relationships on a daily basis, if only for the pleasure of talking, but above all to enrich themselves even more professionally.