How to taste a great classic?

cocktail gin

The dry martini and the gin and tonic are two classic cocktails in the world of mixology, not to say the most popular if we consider that the term martini now applies to all alcohol-based cocktails served in the famous "V" glass !.

From James Bond to today, gin is still in vogue and if the trend continues, we are not done hearing about it. Micro-distilleries have proliferated in recent years and we have seen many high-end artisanal gins appear on the market. It has to be said, gin is on everyone's lips, literally and figuratively! The best gins available on the market will surprise you!

Origin of gin and tonic

Gin is often mistakenly thought to be English.However, it appeared in the Spanish Netherlands in the 17th century.We called him Genever.The English soldiers brought this drink from Holland, which had been made by a certain Sylvius of the University of Leiden.This drink was known to treat, among other things, stomach pains.In 1688, England banned the importation of foreign spirits.This ban stimulated the English producers who began to distill gin, an alcohol close to Genever.Combined with quinine, it was used for prevention against malaria.The gin softened the quinine which was very bitter, which made it easier to consume.This is how gin and tonic was born!

Gin is experiencing a tremendous boom in the 21st centurye century all over the world. And there is indeed competition! There are 6000 gins in the world according to The Drinks Business and they're made, of course, from juniper, and there are around 120 species on the planet. We understand that gin can be available under several labels and that the variety abounds on the shelves.

Rose petals, honey and leather: aromas to flatter all palates!

The gins offer floral aromas of rose petals, hibiscus or violets, aromas of citrus fruits, honey, mint or sour cherries, as well as aromas of undergrowth without forgetting the leather ... A whole range flavors unfold to seduce your taste buds! The best gins are definitely the ones that flatter your palate! Just try a few to discover a whole world! By letting yourself be guided by pleasure, you will explore these incomparable flavors.

Gin and tonic is currently so popular that alongside the production of gin, artisanal tonic waters, flavored or not, are experiencing an equally impressive effervescence. We just have to think about the French please made with local ingredients and made by one of the oldest French lemonade makers. A new wave of tonic waters makes it possible to concoct very high quality gin and tonics. Tonic syrups are also very popular; they allow cocktails to be flavored.

Inventive cocktails made with juniper berries

Gin is definitely on trend! It is the basis of many cocktails. In the age of mixology, it offers cocktail creators who integrate it into their mixes the so particular and unique aromas and scents of juniper berry. It is very likely that the current boom in gin is far from over and that we have unparalleled surprises in store for years to come.