How to successfully set up your pastry bakery?

The plan to open a bakery requires careful preparation. Market analysis, choice of location, investment to plan or equipment to acquire, find out everything you need to know to successfully set up your bakery and pastry shop.

Market analysis and development of your offer

Before setting up your bakery, start by doing a market research and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. In addition, define your project precisely: is this a creation or a recovery ? Would you like to open a bakery with or without a tea room? Analyze all the parameters by establishing a business plan. For'optimize the profitability of your business, also remember to define your offer and add added value to your business: organic products, special breads, opening hours, etc.

Choice of location

The location of your bakery will have a strong impact on your business. Opt for A location in an activity area, near schools or in a busy street.

Equipment to provide

For sale, bread shelves, display cabinet, refrigerated cabinet or display furniture are essential. You also need a suitable cash register for your bakery. This equipment is perfect to streamline and accelerate your collections. You avoid making your customers wait when paying for their orders. To make your job even easier, opt for an online bakery cash register compatible with different media (tablet, PC, smartphone, etc.).

In addition to the equipment dedicated to sales, equipment used for making bread and other products are also necessary. Oven, kneader, beater-mixer, bread moulder, refrigerator, fermentation chamber or even cold room are among the essential equipment.

Investment to plan

If you are going to open a bakery, you need to make significant investments. In addition to acquiring the necessary equipment, you must also arrange the sales area. Moreover, it is important toacquire your starting stock flour, sourdough, yeast and many more. All these operations represent a relatively high cost. Allow around € 150,000 to open a bakery and pastry shop.

Other important points to remember

Before you embark on opening a bakery and pastry shop, know that it is above all about teamwork. Thus, this type of business must be run by at least two people with complementary skills: a seller and a baker. Depending on the nature of your project, but also on your opening hours, you may also need to hire other people (pastry chef, additional vendors, chocolate maker, etc.).

Note also that the manager or one of the employees of the bakery must have a baker's qualification (CAP for example). In addition, a preparation course for installation is compulsory for a registration in the Directory of trades. Health and safety rules must also be observed. It is therefore essential to guarantee the product traceability purchased and / or processed. Also make sure to comply with European regulations in terms of health security. When it comes to trade rules, you are required toshow price practiced for each product offered in your bakery and pastry shop.