How to start motocross?

start motocross

There is no better feeling than when you are riding a motorcycle. In fact, all two-wheeler enthusiasts can attest to this. However, before getting started, there are a few imperatives to know and respect. Here are a few.

The choice of equipment

First and foremost, you have to think about basic safety equipment namely a motorcycle helmet, gloves, motorcycle boots, coveralls or jacket and padded pants. This panoply will reduce the risk of snags and burns in the event of a fall and impact. More specifically, the helmet must be integral and approved. Since most motocross helmets do not come with visors, you may need to purchase special goggles.

Regarding the outfit, if the combination is an option of choice, the fact remains that the combo of pants motorcycle jacket remains just as interesting. It is also interesting to wear a neck brace which will reinforce the protective vest and if necessary it may be necessary to wear a back and lumbar belt or a stone guard to ensure back support. For the bottom of the outfit, in addition to wearing padded pants, knee pads should be preferred. To associate with motorcycle boots for maximum safety.

The choice of the motorcycle

motocross choiceWhen it comes to choosing the right bike, it is important to only opt for a model suited to the rider's body type and experience. When it comes to power, motorcycles with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines do not work the same. The 2-cycle motor is more lively and agile, it is also easier to handle, which makes it perfect for beginners. Motorcycles with 4-stroke engines are more powerful, but the mechanics are much more complex and the force of the vehicle can frighten more than one. for a first two-wheeler experience, which makes them not very recommended for beginners. Regarding the cubic capacity, the 125cc motorcycles are perfect for beginners, then it will be possible to switch to 250 cm3 which is a little more powerful. The weight of the motorcycle must also be taken into account, because the higher the displacement, the more difficult the motorcycle will be to handle. Note that all displacements can be used on a motocross circuit.

What to choose when buying?

For a first bike, some will choose to opt for a new model while others will prefer to turn to used models. The ideal is to train with a used model and then once well established, it will suffice to switch to a more powerful and new model. When buying a used model, you should still remember to check the condition of the engine, chains, bearings and tires. It would be a shame to buy a motorcycle that would be more expensive to buy after repair than a new model. Obviously, for those who can afford it, it will be possible to opt for a new model from the start.