How to manage the supplier relationship?

manage supplier relationship

The relationship with third parties, namely suppliers and subcontractors, must be preserved, in order to reduce the risk of litigation and other disagreements that would affect the productivity of the company. Also, it is imperative to build a healthy relationship and establish a climate of trust with suppliers. Here are some tips for doing this.

The choice of collaborators

To hope to have a good relationship with suppliers, we must start by establishing a good dialogue and a climate of trust with them.By starting off on a sound basis, it becomes easier to collaborate and establish a relationship where respect and transparency are essential.The choice of suppliers should not be made lightly, in order to guarantee positive exchanges afterwards.It is important for this purpose to only retain candidates who already have good years of experience behind them and who have mastered their sector of activity.The selection should also take into account the size of the company, its prices and its working methods.The supplier must also offer quality products and offer advantageous prices.Once you have selected a candidate, it is imperative to put in place rules and conditions for collaboration.

How to ensure a win / win working relationship?

negotiate with the supplierThe relationship with the supplier should be based on trust and transparency, which will ensure a win-win collaboration. It is also imperative to keep him informed of the company's working methods and to seek solutions with him that will facilitate exchanges. The implementation of a digitization solution supplier invoices which will simplify the sending and receipt of invoices is also to be remembered. Meetings may be necessary to establish the lines to be followed and the conditions for collaboration.

It should be remembered that the relationship with the supplier is not just about sending orders, receiving them and paying the invoice. The supplier's involvement must be full and to hope for the relationship to evolve, it is interesting to reshape it until everyone finds their benefit. The idea is indeed to establish a win-win relationship between the two parties. In all cases, the company and the supplier must agree on the quality of the products, the deadlines for delivery as well as the deadlines and terms of payment.

A lasting relationship is also only possible if both parties know how to find the most appropriate solutions in the event of problems, in order to reduce disputes. Over time, it will be easy for both of them to effectively meet the needs of each party. The exchanges will only be more effective and it is interesting to remember that exchanges must always be respectful and transparent. As long as each of these imperatives is respected, the working relationship will be most positive.