How to give a contemporary look thanks to the decoration?

contemporary home decoration

Interior decoration allows you to totally change the atmosphere of your home and there are many solutions today to achieve exactly the desired result. Furniture, objects and decoration stores have multiplied with offers for all budgets and all styles. There are also more and more trade magazines on the market for everyone to find ideas and inspiration. And if you want to give a contemporary style to your interior, here are some very practical tips.

Playing on volumes

The modernity of a home often begins with the creation of large volumes. New home builders have understood this well and are now creating more open spaces, as is the case in many new bungalows in Montreal.

Less partitioning, kitchens which are real living rooms or which fit completely into the living room for more conviviality, these are the new credos of contemporary decorations.

If you are embarking on the renovation of a home, whether it is an apartment or a house, the bias to tear down partitions will be an excellent option to make your interior more modern and also much more functional. Inside the room, it is also recommended to minimize clutter. The fashion in interior decoration is currently minimalism both in the quantity of furniture and in their quality.

Reducing space as much as possible therefore consists of eliminating the superfluous, choosing furniture with clean lines and space-saving. Store your trinkets in this way, select a few frames to leave on your walls, removing the darker ones.

Choose the right colors and brightness

The modernity of a decoration also involves the choice of young and topical colors. Again, it is better to avoid dark colors and favor light tones which will make the rooms bigger.

Above all, you have to choose the color of a paint in harmony with the volume of the room and the warmth you want to give it. If the shades of white and beige are cooler, they will immediately give a neutral appearance allowing more fantasy in the furniture.

Because contemporary decoration does not necessarily rhyme with coldness and therefore nothing prevents opting for bright colors as long as there is a real consistency between the different decorative elements. Beyond the colors, it is also possible to play with the materials with tiling, wallpaper with relief or on the contrary raw materials such as cement and concrete.

Finally, the modernity of your home will also go through the lights which will play an important role in enhancing the colors. Consider favoring indirect lighting with chandeliers or wall lights. The big decor trend is also the use of ’filament bulbs simply suspended from a somewhat thick black wire.

Windows can also be lightened by swapping heavy curtains for blinds that subtly let in light.