How to develop a commercial strategy in the building industry?

Working in the construction industry is not easy. The competition is quite tough and it is important to know how to position yourself in the market to face the corporate war. For this, you have to know all the strategic levers to be more responsive and competitive. Today, we are discussing some of them around four themes: visibility, prescription, monitoring, network.


To succeed in being visible, it is necessary to adopt a good advertising strategy. While poster advertising is a great way to be seen by as many people as possible, sponsorship is also a very good lever. Not only does it offer you great visibility with prospects, suppliers and potential partners, but it also affirms your market position. Sponsoring local, sporting and public events guarantees good publicity in a more or less restricted area. On the other hand, professional events are an excellent opportunity to assert themselves as a major player in the market by appearing among other major references.

Find prescribers

In the building sector, it is important to find private or legal persons who can recommend you to decision-makers. Its very important to obtain contracts to have people in the right place to assert your position on important projects. With a building consultant, you will open more doors and be able to seize great professional opportunities. Agencies specializing in commercial strategy offer their clients a vast network of influencers to develop its business and position itself well on calls for projects.

Monitor your market

When you work in an industry as competitive as the building and the works, it's important to regularly monitor the market in which we evolve, for several reasons. For starters, it allows you to seize opportunities. However, it is not easy to be informed of all calls for projects, especially when you are focused on your activity. Here again, expert agencies specializing in the building sector offer to carry out business intelligence to identify calls for tenders. Then, it is essential to monitor market developments to enable you to grow your business by adapting quickly to changes and seizing all opportunities. For this, you have to do a lot of research on your economic, social, legal and technological environment of course.

Develop your network

The biggest challenge for businesses in the beginning is coping with some form of loneliness. When we want develop your business and to establish your business in the market, it is important to have a good professional network.This sometimes takes time and it is essential not to stand back.Business clubs are a great way to learn about all kinds of business.Next, we must not neglect the power of events on professional relations, especially in trade fairs specializing in the building industry.This is where you will meet many customers, employees, suppliers and even your influencers.Do not neglect this part of the communication and use the right tools to get your business message across.