How to choose the ideal underwear for your wedding?

Lorsqu’on évoque un mariage, on pense d’abord à la robe de marié. C’est l’accessoire primordial. Mais on ne peut mettre une robe sans songer à la lingerie parfaite pour avoir du confort. Mieux, le mariage en lui-même ne s’arrête pas à la cérémonie. L’étape la plus intéressante pour le couple, c’est la nuit de noces. Afin de faire briller les yeux de son conjoint, il n’y a pas de meilleur allié que la lingerie. Ainsi, choisir le bon sous-vêtement est très important. Mais sur quel critère se baser pour faire son choix ? Quel type de sous-vêtement acheter pour être à l’aise sous la robe de marié ? Vous trouverez toutes les réponses à vos questions dans cet article.

Criterion 1: your lingerie must adapt to your dress

It is not recommended to buy underwear for your wedding without considering the wedding dress. Indeed, the two must have a perfect match. For this, at the time of purchase, take into account the color of the underwear, its shape and fabric before giving in to the temptation to buy it. Indeed, since the wedding dress is white, the ideal is to buy white wedding lingerie. To bet more on the discretion and transparency of the underwear, prefer a skin-colored lingerie. Contrary to fears, there is nothing sensual about colorful lingerie under a wedding dress. Unless the dress itself is a colorful dress, you should avoid colored underwear. Moreover, during the choice, pay attention to the embossed lace and the thickness of the seam. If the fabric of the dress added to the tight fit shows the demarcation of the panties, it doesn't look good at all.

In the specific case of the bra, know that it is important tochoose one that can properly support your breast. In addition to that, consider the shape of your dress. Conveniently, if you are wearing a low-cut dress, avoid bras with cups that may protrude. If, on the other hand, you are wearing a strapless dress, the best bra is the strapless one.

To avoid having any surprises on the wedding day, buy on this site your lingerie. You will have the advantage of drilling underwear that is tailored to your body and ideal for your dress.

Criterion 2: your comfort comes first

Take your habits into account and don't choose a category of lingerie that you are not used to. If you're comfortable with a fabric or fit, don't hesitate to stick with it. If for example, The string or lycra isn't your strong suit, avoid wanting to experience it on your wedding day. You risk having a bad day because you will be uncomfortable. Choose a wedding lingerie that looks like you and comfortably enjoy the party.

Criterion 3: be sensual

To sublimate your wedding night, choose an underwear with laces to strip. It spices up cravings and increases your level of seduction. You can at this moment give in to all your desires. Now is the time to whip up your man's desire to bite into you. Follow the latest trends for more ideas on lingerie for your wedding night.