How to choose a design and quality cat tree?

cheap cat tree

If you're not planning on getting your decorating over the next few weeks - that is, changing your curtains, your sofa, and maybe even your chairs - it's probably best to invest in a cat tree.

It is also important to offer your furry companion a space that is entirely his own, on which he can both play and take refuge if necessary, when children arrive a little too noisy by example. Cats are indeed known to be animals that do not particularly like unfamiliar noises, for their well-being, it is useful to offer them a cat tree when they are young. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily find a cheap designer cat tree but of quality! Keep in mind that your cat will grow taller and is very likely to quickly find itself cramped on a small tree.

A cat tree that does not denote your interior

There are many types of trees for cats today, so you can find one that suits your interior design. There are indeed all colors so that you can install it in any of the main rooms of your home. If beige and gray are the colors most often encountered, we also find black trees, white or in more vivid colors.

Take the time to clearly define where you want to place the cat tree, because there are different sizes! It shouldn't take up too much space, but it should be tall and wide enough for your cat to move around easily even as an adult. Cats highly appreciate resting at heights, so try to choose a model with a fairly high platform.

A model complete enough to meet your cat's needs

Each cat tree will have different parts that will meet the different needs of your cat.Favor a very complete model in order to limit as much as possible the possible stupidities of your animal.In theory, all trees have a scraper on which your cat can scratch at will, this will limit damage to your furniture.Various platforms are also present most of the time, so the cat can sit comfortably and monitor what is going on in the room.You will also have the option of choosing a cat tree with a hammock or a small nest where your companion can snuggle up to sleep. the cat can take care of and play, especially during your absence.

Materials that guarantee product quality

Your cat will spend a lot of time on their scratching post, and walking up and down regularly can sometimes cause the tree to move, especially if your pet is particularly heavy. It is therefore better to favor solid and quality materials which will prevent you from buying a cat tree after 6 months!