Home decor: Tips for choosing a chandelier

Both in the bedroom and in the living room, the chandelier stands out as an essential decorative accessory both to give style and to illuminate a room. It fits very naturally into large rooms with sufficient ceiling height to create a warm atmosphere. Follow this guide to choose the right chandelier.

Chandeliers: various models to delight everyone

As a light fixture, the chandelier is different from the pendant light.Indeed, it is intended to be suspended from the ceiling using a metal chain, the chandelier is therefore more elaborate than the suspension.Having become more and more accessible, this decorative element is no longer limited to ballrooms and naturally takes its place in many homes.Although there are no actual chandelier models, here are three types that can be identified.This is the classic, crystal and design chandelier.The classic chandelier is the one par excellence with a metal chain and several lights according to your desires.The crystal chandelier is the one that brings a luxurious and elegant touch to the room thanks to its sparkling crystal.The design model fits in well with its time, original and trendy. living room.

How to choose a chandelier?

The choice of this decorative element requires compliance with certain criteria. To be sure you've made the right choice, consider seeking the advice of an interior design professional like Style Note. Many architects and advisers will be able to answer your questions, but above all your needs. Learn more about our architects on the official website. While awaiting the services of Note de Styles, here are some criteria to consider before purchasing the chandelier. First the choice must be based on the use as well as the room in which it will be placed. A chandelier that will illuminate the living room or the entrance will be quite different from the one placed above the table. Also consider the lighting power according to the volume of your room. Your accessory must be able to illuminate the entire room. Choose a chandelier that will add character to your room and best suit your interior. Dare to be different while respecting the proportion of the room.