Take a work-study management training course

The management of human resources in companies is one of the priorities of all managers who want to improve the productivity of their teams. It is for this reason that the profile of managers is currently in high demand in the labor market. To be recruited for this type of position, you must have obtained a bac 2 to Bac 5 diploma. Today, training centers offer work-study programs.

What is work-study training?

This is training that takes place in two stages. First, the theoretical part is given in training centers in Group. Then, the knowledge is put into practice in a company internship that lasts the entire time of the training. There are two solutions for this. Either sign an apprenticeship contract with a company if certain conditions are met, particularly related to age. Or to sign a professionalization contract, always with a company. Depending on the type of contract, the trainee's status changes. There is a management school in Strasbourg which offers this type of work-study training.

Who are these training courses for?

This training can be given as an initial training, that is to say in the continuity of a post-baccalaureate study course. This is the path that graduates and students choose to continue their studies in the management field. Then, continuing education is intended for all those who wish to resume their studies or who have the opportunity to develop professionally within their company. The work-study program is an excellent option both for students who are looking for a professional course, for employees who want to advance to better positions without the constraining aspect of traditional studies.

How to finance your course?

The work-study training can be financed in several ways. To begin with, they are eligible for personal training account (CPF). Then, it is the companies that take care of the tuition-related costs. In return, they benefit from a considerable reduction in employer contributions. With an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract, trainees benefit from a remuneration that changes over the years of training. For students, this is a great way to get an education while having financial independence. For people on the job market or employees of a company, it is a possibility for further studies, development or professional retraining while continuing to receive income every month. 

Are there many opportunities?

The other advantage of receive training alternately, it is to be able to be better inserted in the labor market thereafter. Indeed, professionalization is at the heart of work-study programs so that the young graduate can be employed quickly. Most apprentices or people on a professionalization contract aim for a position in the company in which they were trained. Some are in order to fill a very specific position. This is the case with those who do training for a company they already work for.