What to arm yourself with to start sewing?

Does the little black dress you've been dreaming of cost a small fortune? How about making one, on your own, and initiating yourself into the world of hobbies and creations? It will be a long way to achieve the perfect outfit, but with the right equipment and a few lessons, you will get there in a snap.

Boost your learning

When you start in sewing, you tend to listen to the advice of those close to you.We go around the schools to learn the basics and that's quite normal.Although essential, real professional coaching is quite expensive in France.That’s why, if you have a friend or a great auntie, call on them to help you get started.Once the basics have been acquired, take an interest in the various creative leisure workshops or fine art fairs.There are providers who will be happy to show you some good techniques.Ditto if you are addicted to scrapbooking, calligraphy, creative cooking or floral art. inspire great creative activities professional stylists. Always in this sense, from time to time, surf the web. Thousands of blogs give you free tutorials on how to make an original skirt or customize old pants with ultra trendy tops. Finally, a timeless method that has proven itself: books. However, we will only cite that of Emilie Pouillot Ferrand entitled "Sewing, initiation and improvement", which constitutes a veritable cave of Alibaba for stewards at the post of fashion designer or home decorator.

Equip yourself with a good haberdashery kit

This time, let's give a little nod to all these women who find their daily bread by sublimating these pieces of fabric with watercolor paint, gouache or posca felt.Indeed, from the 1980s to this day, creative haberdashery has not really changed in the world.Needles are essential, just like sewing threads.However, with the popularization of products in the current market, beginners are advised to carry quality charms.The needle size must be correct for the sewing machine.Also, ask your friends which model does not dull quickly. achievements. After that, there is always the classic including the pair of scissors, the ribbon, the loom, the gradation ruler, the pins which must be extra fine, the seam ripper and finally marking tools such as special sewing chalk. or a chalk pencil that you can store in your little disney princesses pencil case.

Put a point on your fabric

The choice of fabric will depend on the type of pattern or even the garment you want customize for fathers day. However, you must also take into account the skills of your sewing machine as well as your own experiences in the field. To get started, start with a warp and weft fabric as heavy as poplin. Choosing jeans or fine linen will give you a hard time. Fluid fabrics are also to be avoided. With two weeks of experience, it will be difficult for you to master them. And finally, don't forget to wash and dry with clothespins your sequined fabric before use.