Discover the most beautiful beaches in the world

Bora Bora beach

Walking along a beach is a real meditation in action when you let the mind open in full awareness to the surrounding nature, when you let the body vibrate in complete freedom to receive these beneficial rays of the sun, this breeze charged with negative ions and iodine, this breath and these gifts so useful to our health and our happiness. It is also to become aware of the magical union of the elements between them, by letting the sparkle of the sun penetrate us which reveals all this vitality hardly contained in the incessant movement of the sea, and to surf the wave, if only only through the gaze.

Walking along a beach, with our bare feet, is letting the sand welcome our feet with all the softness and sensuality of the world, it is feeling small, naked and grateful in front of the celestial blue in the sunlight or in the light of the moon and the stars ...

Walking along a beach is getting in the habit of giving meaning to our actions, simply because by walking along a beach, we have the sensation of this walk towards infinity, we nourish his awareness of the beauty of the world while imprinting in our memory the step, the action.Walking along Cape Vidal Beach in Santa Lucia Nature Reserve in South Africa, Whitehaven Beach in Australia or Black Sand Beach in Karekare in New Zealand, is joining action with contemplation of what is :this surprising beauty of our earth, which gradually awakens our awareness of the dimension of our passage here below, of what we must seek, of what we must manifest.You can walk through the archaeological zone to which Tulum beach in Mexico belongs and say to yourself that you have just discovered Eldorado, lie on the pink sand of the Elafonissi lagoon in Crete or curl up on that of Budelli in Sardinia to admire and savor.

Whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, near the Pacific or the Indian Ocean, on every continent in the world, there are beaches like no other, the most beautiful beaches in the world  are secret corners of the world that tell the story of the world, its beauty that is discovered as we advance in life, and that reveals itself to those who know how to be silent in their minds to see this infinity.

Those who seek the most beautiful beaches in the world, will imprint in their eternal memories the beauty of this land will always know how to tell the marvelous Earth. These beaches exist, on the edge of an island or a continent, in Navagio, Bora Bora or in Croatia, they are both rare and numerous, we must go and meet them, they are capable of renewing our hope, our joy. These trips are to be taken, walk or run, but don't delay, start now to discover some of these most beautiful treasures in the world.