Digitizing the operation of your restaurant: what you need to know

At a time when having access to everything wherever and whenever has become possible from connected smartphones, the digitalization of your restaurant has become essential. In addition, on this point, the customer has become demanding and insatiable. Everything must be clear, fast and instant.

But digitizing the operation of a restaurant is also a boon for you as a restaurateur. With new tools, it is now easy to innovate services and improve the customer experience in order to increase revenue. From reservation to delivery, through ordering, payment, digital marketing, processing of reviews and customer relations, inventory management, the customer journey or even the visibility of the establishment, everything can be digitized. Digital transformation is therefore essential for restaurants and their customers.

The click & collect

This service is now essential for restaurants. For the customer, it involves placing an order from their mobile or computer, paying online and collecting their products without having to go through the queue at the point of sale. He can also have his order delivered if he wishes, all with a few clicks. It's a fact, click & collect for restaurants is a boon to recover a new type of nomadic clientele in a hurry. It also allows you to diversify your offer by offering a way to consume differently. The click & collect restaurant is also beneficial for better order management.

The reservation

Today, half of restaurant table reservations are made over the internet from a smartphone or PC. In this case, digital transformation is mandatory in order to follow this trend and to be more efficient and rapid in working methods. The reservation must now integrate with your website, your digital app and your social media, especially on Facebook, in order to attract and retain customers. In addition, this method of reservation is easier and more practical, whether for customers or for restaurant owners.

Order in the room

Even in the dining room, the digitalization of your restaurant is quite possible. For taking orders, for example, control terminals or touchscreen tablets are getting more and more attention in the room. These digital tools make the task easier and faster, especially as the menus are displayed in a dynamic and attractive way. The necessary information is already on these digital tools, from the translation to the ingredients, including the origin of the products or even the nutritional values ??of each dish. These new services certainly set you apart from the rest, which can only be good for your business.

Payment in the room

If the online payment method for remote orders is common, collection is also increasingly done via smartphone or from a digital bank. This avoids the circulation and direct handling of cash notes for health and safety reasons, but dematerialization also saves time in settling the bill. And if the amount of the latter exceeds the maximum authorized, there is always the option of the bank card. This method of payment is secure, which reassures the customer and keeps them loyal. In short, these new methods constitute innovative and advantageous digital solutions.