Create your garden by growing tomatoes on your balcony

Do you want to have your own garden on your balcony, terrace or veranda? This is possible thanks to the planting bag. You will now be able to grow and cultivate your own tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and even your peppers.

A little corner of the garden in the city

Today, many people no longer take the time to make their own garden, whether due to lack of time or lack of space. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, you no longer necessarily have the time to devote your energy to tending a garden and harvesting your vegetables.

Yet today's society is increasingly looking for organic, healthy products that are close to home. The trend "healthy food ”/” green food”Has invaded our supermarkets and refrigerators. From now on, we favor quality over quantity and we are always looking for the best for our hygiene of life. We want to know where our products come from and what we eat.

This concept of culture in a bag will then allow you to have a little corner of the garden anywhere. This is a solution to the problems of space but also of time. So you will have your own fruits and vegetables at your fingertips. This novelty will allow you to own your space for culture, whether in town or in the countryside, and will bring you closer to nature and green spaces.

How to grow tomatoes in a plant bag?

Many people think that it is difficult if not impossible to grow our own fruits and vegetables when there is little space. The tomato planting bag is a clever solution to overcome the problem of space encountered in particular by city dwellers.

Indeed, this plant bag offers a large volume of culture in a small space, which is very favorable to the growth of tomatoes. It therefore takes up little space and can be placed in very small outdoor spaces.

To grow your own vegetables, just fill in the plantation bag of potting soil and plant your seeds or young plants. The grow bag comes with a stake, which will hold the tomatoes while they grow.

How is this bag made?

Its material, made of polypropylene, will therefore make the bag very resistant. In addition, its carrying handles on the sides will be even more useful for moving it.

the plantation bag is equipped with drainage holes to remove excess water. You can place it on a tray or on the floor. It is reusable as many times as you want and suitable for the outdoors.

Ideal for harvesting your vegetables, you will no longer need to dig. this plant bag saves time, space and also a financial gain for you!

Make people envious with your little garden at your fingertips! If you want to have organic vegetables at home, get yourself quickly this tomato plantation bag. You can now order it from the online catalog of Jardin et Saisons, a team of eco-gardening specialists. for over 30 years.